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Humind School

Courses: Sales, Business Development



About Humind School

Humind School is a Sales & Business Development school in Paris, France. In 9 intensive weeks, students learn to master all the aspects of launching or growing a Tech B2B business from pricing to closing. Students will learn how to generate leads using... Read More

Students receive support throughout the program, and are coached for their professional project and supervised for 3 months. Humind has built a network of +30 experienced speakers and mentors, mostly Sales & Business Developers in the Tech industry who want to give back to the ecosystem. They constantly contribute to improving the curriculum and the learning experience for students.

Humind has created a network of +50 Tech companies who contribute to the curriculum and recruit students. Humind School ensures numerous opportunities and partnered companies have over +150 positions open and accessible to the students (for students located in France). The school has also created partnerships with local accelerators and incubators for students who will launch their startup after the course.

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Sales, Business Development

  • Cost: $3,500
  • Duration: 9 weeks
Locations: Paris
Course Description:

Humind School is the Sales & Business Development school of the Tech industry. In 9 intensive weeks, students learn to master all the aspects of launching or growing a Tech B2B business from pricing to closing. They learn how to generate leads using Growth Hacking and Demand Generation tactics, pitch and qualify leads (phone, email, in-person), nurture and manage prospects from the demo to closing or sell to strategic accounts or corporates. At the end of the course, they choose between 2 tracks - Entrepreneur or Business Developer - and work on a dedicated project. Then they are coached for their new professional project and supervised for 3 months.

The program is strongly application-oriented. Students learn theory from real-life examples (LinkedIn, Salesforce, Twilio, etc.) and projects of their own or submitted by companies (Comet, Side, etc.). More than 50% of the time is spent on practice and projects to ensure students have highly operational skills.
Students are trained by 2 full-time coaches, who have 10 years of Sales & Business Development experience and will be there all along the way. On top of that, 2/week, they have access to a dedicated workshop led by Sales & Business Developers working at top-notch Tech companies. During the workshop, they work with the speaker on a challenge he/she had to face and eventually solved.

All courses are held in French.

Subjects: CSS, HTML, Sales

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