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About iKompass

Location: Singapore

iKompass offers foundation courses in Software/Web development, Data Science and Mobile app development in Singapore. Courses are primarily targeted at those with no programming background. All courses are a mix of classroom and online learning and taught... Read More

Eligible applicants can apply for government funding of 70-90% of tuition coverage.


Big Data/Data Science Foundation Course

Cost: $1,900
Duration: 12 weeks
Locations: Singapore
In-person Only
Course Description:

The Big Data/Data Science Foundation course teaches students the basic skills and expertise needed to dissect large volumes of data leading to intelligent decision-making. The 3 day course will guide students through knowledge of how to use the technical tools, data sets and code scripts associated with big data analysis. The Big Data Foundation course is ideal for anyone with a technical mindset working across any industry.

Students will learn Python and Pandas, Big data engineering, Data Acquisition and Preparation with Pandas, Data Visualisation with seaborn and bokeh, Machine learning with scikit learn, Linear and logistic regression, Naive bayes, BeautifulSoup

Python, Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Data Science, Pandas

Software/Web Development Foundation Course

Cost: $1,500
Duration: 4 weeks
Locations: Singapore
In-person Only
Course Description:

Over 6 days in the classroom, participants will get a solid exposure to modern software development practices through hands-on coding. This would give participants valuable insight into how IT teams build complex software.

The 6 days software/web development foundation course equips students with the required knowledge to steer IT decisions in the right direction and embrace the latest in software development.

The overall course is 6 days in the classroom and 3 weeks online. This course is structured for those with no prior coding experience and includes all elements of web application development including front-end, back-end, and databases. Upon completion, students will receive a ITPACS Certified Associate in Web Development - Microservices.

Students will learn Python, Docker, Javascript and React, Micro services, Test driven development, Token-based authentication, NoSQL persistence, Cloud deployment, Containers, RESTFul, Distributed processing, big data, API’s with JSON, Agile Project Management, and more.

NoSQL, Test-Driven Development (TDD), API, Agile

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