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About Intela Education

Master your Data Science skills with IBM course staff and get a promo code for IBM Cloud services (value of over US$1,000)!

Welcome to Cognitive Class Data Science Bootcamp! These are intensive hands-on bootcamps where you can learn the advanced topics... Read More

What you will achieve at the end of the bootcamp:
An understanding of data analysis, machine learning, Apache Spark, and deep learning techniques.
Also, libraries such as Pandas, Scikit-learn, and TensorFlow. All the materials are delivered through hands-on sessions.

• Bootcamps will be run by top IBM Data Scientists (PhDs)
• An IBM course completion certificate
• an IBM badge
• Both the completion certificate and the badge will be stored and verifiable by Documentorum, an academic credentials blockchain.
• IBM Cloud Service (value of *$1200*) will be available for all participants

You can find a few videos of our past bootcamps on our YouTube channel

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