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About Kikodo

Location: Online

Kikodo is a learning platform with instant feedback for beginner coders. It teaches the very basics of python to people young and old hoping to learn to code for fun, a new job, or just to see what it's all about


Python for Absolute Beginners

Cost: Free
Duration: 12 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

The course covers all the basics of Python. It runs in the browser so no need to install, configure, or set up anything. The topics will take you from zero to writing your first programs in no time!

Cost: Free, Premium $40 pm

In class: 4 hrs / week, part-time, flexible


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5.0/5 (2 reviews)

Graduated: 2021


Python for Absolute Beginners



Job Support

"Really awesome experience!"

I am super impressed by how easy and fun Kikodo makes learning Python. I love the interactivity of it and have also had great contact with some of the guys behind it on Discord - that has been much appreciated and helpful. The webinars give it a valuable... Read More

Marketing Specialist | Graduated: 2021


Python for Absolute Beginners



Job Support

"I particularly loved the unique feedback system"

I used this learning site as a total beginner. The content was just the right pace for me, and gives feedback on every answer you submit. This was the most helpful feature. I highly recommend it for beginners who hope to quickly learn to use python at... Read More

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