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Location: Online

The Data Analyst course is an intensive 3-month bootcamp, certified by the Institute for Business Innovation, a research center from the Berkeley University in California, open to all who wish to become Data Analyst.

400 hours of training during which... Read More


Data Analyst

Cost: €5,990
Duration: 12 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

Each learner follows 8 skill blocks, exploring technical skills and soft skills :
1. Acquiring an holistic vision of business analytics
2. Defining a data architecture
3. Data wrangling
4. Data visualization and restitution
5. Building a sustainable infrastructure
6. Using analytics and machine learning
7. Asserting its leadership on data projects
8. Preparing and optimizing its professional project

Excepting the kick off day which gathers all learners in a physical location, all the courses are taught remotely.

Tuition: 5 990 € VAT included

Data Analytics, Data Visualization

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Elsa H
Data analyst | Graduated: 2022


Data Analyst



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"Excellente formation"

Le bootcamp data analyst a été une formidable expérience ! 3 mois intense, riche et complet. Les formateurs sont de qualité ( certains CV sont impressionnant). L'équipe de Lepont est bienveillante et très à l'écoute. Je remercie en particulier Tim qui... Read More

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