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Courses: Professional Certificate in Coding: Full Stack Development with MERN



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A growing number of companies are hiring web developers, software engineers, and other technology workers who use technical skills to streamline their operations and leverage the power of technology within their organizations.

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Professional Certificate in Coding: Full Stack Development with MERN

  • Cost: $6,950
  • Duration: 32 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

This program is organized into three main modules using the MERN stack: Web Development, Front-End Development/React, and Back-End Development. Each module builds on the next, and is designed to prepare you to enter the job market as an entry-level full-stack developer, or to specialize in one of these areas with further skill development.

Module 1:
Web Development
o You will develop foundational skills in web development using Javascript, HTML, and CSS. You’ll also create your own personal portfolio in GitHub, which you will add to as you progress through the program.

Module 2:
Front-End Development and React
o You will dive deep into front-end development using one of the most popular frameworks, React. You will write clean, concise code with Javascript ES6 and use these skills to work with web components in React. You will learn how to build React applications and how to test

Module 3:
Back-End Development
o You will work with MongoDB, ExpressJS, and NodeJS to become confident in the MERN stack. You will learn the essentials for working in the cloud, automated testing, and deployment for a solid foundation in DevOps.

Subjects: CSS, HTML, Github, MongoDB, Product Mgmt, React.js, Node.js, Express.js, JavaScript, Back-End Web Development, Front-End Web Development, Web Development

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