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Location: Online

Individually both of us have experienced what it means to sit in a room full of people and seemingly not understanding were the discussion on "payment gateway" or "software quality" is heading. Even worse, it appeared more often than not that people leading... Read More

- Focus on the creation of attitudes and literacy
- Empower non-technical learners, working in innovation, product or transformation roles
- Build T-shaped skills, wherein Tech is an element on the horizontal
- Create an accessible curriculum, focussing on the How and Why
- Build a meaningful community of open-minded learners


How to build digital products fast and efficiently

Duration: 6 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

Find out how experts do overcome technological challenges and why delivering successful applications is a learnable craft. We will touch base with: Prototyping / No Code + Automations / APIs, Backend, Frontend / Development process / Cloud & Hosting.

Tuition: Corporate: 1.899$ and Startup: 499€

Product Mgmt, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Application Development

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Peter Brand
Senior Product Manager | Graduated: 2022


How to build digital products fast and efficiently



Job Support

"Working at the intersection to Tech"

The course with its live elements and practical challenges really helped me understanding what it takes a developer to build something great. I will definitely use some of the frameworks the content offered to me, to improve on decision making and team... Read More

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