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Location: Online

NexGenT is an online and in-person school offering Full Stack Network Engineer (Information Technology) training. Through their self-paced online program, Zero to Engineer, NextGenT provides students with the skills, experience and knowledge they need... Read More


Zero to Engineer

Cost: $12,500
Duration: 12 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

The Zero to Engineer Program consists of six. During the first two modules, you’ll learn about enterprise networks, security, data center and virtualization, collaboration and current industry trends. This will give you an understanding of the big picture of IT and empower you to better understand your career goals and options.

In module 3 you’ll start learning about technical concepts such as ethernet frames, MAC, hubs, switches, routers, subnetting, IP addressing, the OSI model and more. Even going through early modules you’ll be able to schedule one on one mentor sessions with Terry and Jacob. That said, once you finish module 6, you’d have unlocked a network of world-class mentor engineers.

Module 4 is about teaching you how to build your own labs. You’ll work on a bunch of Packet Tracer labs and learn how to install GNS3.
You won’t find the teachings of module 5 anywhere else. In that module, you’ll earn real world engineer skills, how to think like an engineer, which tools you need to get familiar with and the foundations of network management.

Modules 1-5 will prepare you to tackle Zero to Engineer’s monster final project, presented in module 6, where you’ll learn how to plan design and carry out your very own full stack networking project from start to finish. By the end of this module, you will understand HQ/Branch networks and the project build out process that is used in the "real" world.

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Sarah Schoonmaker
Graduated: 2023


Zero to Engineer



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"Do Not Attend"

This school is all videos and will not refund you at all if you get through watching 50% of the video. It's definitely not worth 10k! Better to buy a few Udemy courses and build your own portfolio of projects with that. If you are going to spend 10k or... Read More

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