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Location: Online

Niyo Data Bootcamp:
The Data Analytics with Project Management Bootcamp is one of Niyo Bootcamps (a member of Niyo Group) offerings. It is a Skills Bootcamp fully funded by the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA) in collaboration with the Department... Read More

Niyo Foundher Bootcamp:
The NIYO FoundHer bootcamp is a 16-week business accelerator designed to provide Black Female FoundHers access to mentorship, finance, and high-value content needed to excel as an entrepreneur, get investors ready or launch and scale their business.


Niyo Data Bootcamp

Cost: Free
Duration: 16 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

Niyo Data Bootcamp:
- Introduction to Excel
- Data Entry
- Introduction to Project Management
- Functions and Formulas
- Power Query
- Project Management Processes
- Data Cleansing
- Data Visualization
- Fundamentals of Projects
- Pivot Tables
- Macros and VBAs
- Agile Project Management
- Data Visualization Foundations
- Data Visualization Tableau
- Agile Frameworks
- Project Scope Management
- Data Visualization Power BI
- Project Time and Cost Management
- Data Visualization - Power BI Data Manipulation
- Project Quality and Risk Management
- Introduction to Python
- Introduction to Pandas
- Project Communications & Stakeholder Management
- Introduction to Matplotlib
- Introduction to Seaborn
- Product Management
- Introduction to Numpy
- Introduction to if-elif-else Data Structure
- Product Management Scrum Interaction
- Python Code Review
- Python Revision
- Project Management Tools
- Introduction to SQL
- Databases, MySQL Downloads, Table Creation
- Project Management Practical Session
- Subqueries, Dates ,SQL Practice
- Example Project workthrough & Github
- SQL in Different Industries & Project Walkthrough
- GitHub Set Up and Final Project

Eligibility - Black females based in England aged 19 and over

Tuition cost- Free

Product Mgmt, Project Management, Python, Agile, Data Analytics, SQL, Data Visualization

Niyo Foundher Bootcamp

Cost: Free
Duration: 16 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

Niyo Foundher Bootcamp:
The Entrepreneurs Dream (Ideation):
- Where will you be in 3 years time?
- The Story starts with ‘YOU’
- What’s your ‘Why?’
- The BIG Idea - Your vision and mission

Understanding Your Big Idea
- Who, What, When, Where, Why? How?
- PSSP Framework
- The process of Validating your Idea

Your Business Model
- Business Models B2B , B2C , SAAS , MLM, E-COM, Franchises
- Digital Business Models: Freemium, Subscription, On demand , Open
- What is a Lean Model Canvas?
- How to use it
- Explore and find out how to test each component of the Lean Model Canvas
- High Level Concept: Your Business model in the Lean Model Canvas

Market Research
- How to Talk to your Customers or Service Users
- The Mom Test
- What will it take to go to the market?
- Product Market Fit

Product Development & The Success of your MVP
- Stages of Product development/Product Mapping
- How to build an MVP
- Setting KPI’s for your product
- How to build your MVP Quickly
- The Analytics of a successful MVP
- Key Markers you need to develop your MVP
- Product Funnels

Brand Identity
- Brand Positioning
- Brand Name
- Brand Interaction & Brand Placement
- Lead Collection Systems/ Growing your Mailing lists
- Creative thinking
- Brand Association
- Minimum Viable Brand

Build your MVP (practical sessions & Sponsored Hackathon)
- Design Thinking
- UI - User Interface

Marketing & Growth Hacking
- Social Media Strategy and social media writing , Growth Hacking
- Digital Marketing Strategy and Digital Advertising
- Get Visible on Google and Find Customers on Google Maps
- Get Started with Analytics and Youtube for your Brand
- Create Videos for your Youtube and Set Up and Grow your Charity online

- What is a Funnel?
- AIDA Model
- The Foundations of every Digital Marketing Campaign
- Lead Generation & CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost)

Pricing Strategy
Value Ladder & Pricing Strategy
Upsales, Add-ons and Cross sales

Selling with PR
- Press Hacking & PR
- Building relationships with journalists
- Press Training

Risk Management, systems and processes

- Creating a Pitch Deck
- Pitching to Corporate Spaces
- Pitching to VCs

Eligibility - Black females based in England aged 19 and over

Tuition cost- Free

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5.0/5 (3 reviews)

Graduated: 2023




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"Supportive NIYO Team and Tutors"

The Data Analyst and Project Management course is beginner friendly and gradually the content builds up to a more intermediate level. Respective teachers take the time to go into thorough details and depth ensuring you have grasped all the concepts taught.... Read More

Clementina Omo-Irefo
Graduated: 2023


Niyo Data Bootcamp



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I started the Data Analysis bootcamp a few weeks ago and I am not disappointed. When I first heard about the programme, although I was informed that I did not need to have a previous knowledge however, I was still nervous. It's been over three weeks I... Read More

Data/Insights Consultant | Graduated: 2022




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Everything about this bootcamp has been life changing. From the very first second I found out about it and throughout the programme, the professionalism, knowledge and passion of every single person working @Niyo has been top tier and unique. The attention... Read More

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