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NOVA Data School

Washington D.C.

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About NOVA Data School

Location: Washington D.C.

NOVA Data School offers a 12-week, part-time, in-person Data Science program to meet a growing demand for data scientists in the Washington DC Area. The curriculum addresses core technical skills required to become a data scientist, and also covers in-demand... Read More


Practical Data Science

Cost: $5,000
Duration: 12 weeks
Locations: Washington D.C.
In-person Only
Course Description:

This 12-week, part-time course utilizes four scenario-based mini-projects and a final capstone project to sharpen students' skills and practice their use in situations that closely mimic business environments. By working in small groups with an instructor, students will practice applying data science tools and methodologies while learning management and communication skills.

Students will go through the entire life cycle of data analysis from data collection and cleaning to choosing an optimal machine learning or statistical model. They will learn how to use modern tools of data science such as Python, R, cloud architecture and they will learn how to adopt those tools for a problem at hand.

Python, R Programming

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