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Pipeline Data Engineering Academy

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About Pipeline Data Engineering Academy

Pipeline Academy is the world’s first coding bootcamp focusing on data engineering, the most sophisticated and most in-demand competency in the data ecosystem.

The 2+10 week full-time bootcamp in Berlin sets you up to kickstart your data career and become... Read More

Expect to get your hands dirty and learn how to solve real problems through best practices. Join other data enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds to learn and experience the software systems that power the most innovative tech products and digital platforms of tomorrow.

Your journey will be rounded off with career coaching sessions, communication training and you’ll get access to a meaningful network of professionals and organisations in the Berlin data ecosystem.

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Data Engineering Bootcamp

  • Cost: €9,900
  • Duration: 12 weeks
Locations: Berlin
Course Description:

The 12-week bootcamp covers the most relevant and essential data and software engineering topics that enable graduates to start their journey as a professional data engineer.

The first two weeks are about mastering the expected preliminary knowledge required for the rest of the course. Prepwork happens individually and remotely (i.e. from your home) based on a curated guided tour of nonproprietary online courses that focus on laying the groundwork for the most fundamental tools. The two final days of the prepwork module are about implementing a homework project in order to put the newly acquired skills directly to use.

The 10 weeks that follow are conducted on-site at our campus and require full-time presence (9-17h, except for Friday where WFH is encouraged). Together with your fellow students you are going to solve problems and write code on a daily basis in a setting that resembles a real-life software engineering environment. In parallel to the main theme of each week, the schedule includes slots for career coaching and communication training, and sessions with guest speakers from Berlin-based data startups to broaden your horizon when it comes to the data engineering landscape that surrounds you. The final week is about building your own data product to prove your state-of-the-art competencies.

Subjects: Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Data Science

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