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Principal Analytics Prep


About Principal Analytics Prep

Location: NYC

Data has the potential to be a great equalizer. The discipline of statistics and data analysis encompasses both art and science, utilizes both objective evaluation and subjective assumptions, and requires both hard knowledge and soft skills. As a result,... Read More

The mission of Principal Analytics Prep is to prepare citizens and workers to negotiate the Data Revolution, so that they may emerge as winners in the 21st century realignment.

The Certified Data Specialist program, run by Principal Analytics, opens the door to new careers in business analytics and data science.


Data Analytics

Cost: Free
Duration: 12 weeks
Locations: NYC
In-person Only
Course Description:

Hiring managers for data science and business analytics roles are famous for being hyper-demanding: they want unicorns, modern-age Renaissance men and women, jack-of-all-trades, walking encyclopedias, polymaths, and Jedi masters.

The key skills commonly found in the best data analysts and scientists fall into three categories: Computing, Statistics and Business. Most academic degrees and bootcamps focus on one of these areas. Principal Analytics Prep’s CDS curriculum places all Three Pillars on equal footing, giving you the solid foundation for your data career. Our mission is to train you to solve business problems using data and quantitative analyses.

In this course, you'll learn:

Computing: SQL Databases, no SQL Databases, Python/R/SAS, Data Integrity, Machine Learning, Web & Mobile Tech, Deployment

Statistics: Reason, Data Viz, Modeling, Surveys, Optimization, A/B Testing, Web Analytics

Business: Marketing, Finance, Strategy, Project Management, Communications

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5.0/5 (3 reviews)

MOHAMMED Alothimeen
Graduated: 2018


Data Analytics



Job Support


Good experience and great excellences , hope to have another courses with udacity.

All what I learn is always used to do my tasks.

Having the right position, with the right place , because having a certificate from udacity.

Thanks udacity for the opportunity.... Read More

Karen A Medlin
Data Scientist/Math Ph.D. Candidate | Graduated: 2018


Data Analytics



Job Support

"Principal Analytics Prep is Fantastic! Top 5 Reasons Why"

1. Program mastermind Kaiser Fung is a brilliant educator -- his depth of understanding paired with his ability to elicit active and engaged learning is wonderful to experience. His instincts and ability for amassing a terrific assortment of data science... Read More

Analyst | Graduated: 2017


Data Analytics



Job Support

"Good Investment in your career!"

I really enjoyed my time with PAP. I was looking to pivot from a career in the public sector into a career in analytics with a social science background. They offer scholarships for high achieving backgrounds in line with a diversity mission and are extremely... Read More

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