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Location: Online

Obtain the foundation, tools, and 1:1 mentorship to advance your product management career.

Product Hall is an online school to learn product management. Everything you need to ship digital products that you have full control over. Our 10 week interactive... Read More

Learn the fundamentals of product management with confidence. Gain the ability to validate hypotheses, understand customers, and make the right trade-offs to define a solution that meets stakeholders needs. Learn how to work with, lead, and influence stakeholders to build, launch, and support a product. And define the key metrics to measure success while making decisions that drive the product roadmap.


Product Management

Cost: $2,997
Duration: 10 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

Throughout the course Product Hall students receive lessons from experienced guest instructors to tie knowledge to practical application, gain hands-on experience, and a strong understanding of how software and technology works. 1:1 mentorship is also provided throughout the course and after. Upon completion students will know how to craft effective product strategies and how to work with cross-functional teams to build, deliver, succeed, and grow a product post launch. Certification is awarded upon completion.

Our program features:
• Live interactive classes from the comfort of your home: lively and engaging lessons, discussions, and activities in a comfortable and convenient setting
• 60+ hours of learning: learn relevant product management knowledge, frameworks, and tools that are used in the industry to build world class products
• Guest speakers from renowned tech firms: tie product management knowledge to practical application with insights and lessons from experienced product managers
• Flexible payment options: learn and grow without breaking your bank account
• Mentorship and support throughout the course and after: have a skilled mentor to guide and assist you with reaching your business and career goals
• Lifetime community access: join a community of like-minded product learners and builders

Product Mgmt

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4.75/5 (12 reviews)

Andre Gizenga-Ehiwe
Product Manager | Graduated: 2021


Product Management



Job Support

"Well structured with good content"

This course gives a great overview of product management, the process of launching a product, and what it means to be a product manager overall. The value in the course comes from the project and assignments as they build-up to the experience of ideation,... Read More

Junior Kazeem Agboola
Graduated: 2021


Product Management



Job Support

"Simply Awesome."

I signed up for Product Hall to learn more about product management and entrepreneurship. I’ve just completed the program and it’s been a fantastic experience. I’ve learned so much! I, now, know what it takes to be a PM and I walk away with PM knowledge... Read More

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