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Resilient Coders offers a free, full-time, 14-week Javascript coding bootcamp in Boston, Massachusetts. The bootcamp trains young people of color for apprenticeships and high growth careers as software engineers. The class meets daily for fourteen weeks... Read More

In addition to technical skills, industry professionals also teach students communication techniques, speaking tips, and best practices for accountability and time management. Participants are also expected to procure, service, and invoice their own freelance clients to learn what it takes to become self-employed.

To be eligible for the bootcamp, applicants must attend a Hackathon. This is a way for staff, alumni, and prospective students to get to know each other. This is the only way to "apply."

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Graduated: 2019




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"This community of amazing people changed my life."

I honestly have nothing bad to say about this program. They literally set me up for success on day one. Everyone from my 2019b cohort is working as software engineer and got the job within less of a month of graduating. By the time the program ended,... Read More

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