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SDSU Global Campus Cybersecurity Bootcamp


About SDSU Global Campus Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Location: Online

The Cybersecurity Bootcamp at San Diego State University’s Global Campus offers a cutting-edge approach to professional education, using real-world simulations and a collaborative learning environment designed to help students thrive. Students forge powerful... Read More


Cybersecurity Bootcamp

Cost: $15,500
Duration: 43 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

The SDSU Global Campus Cybersecurity Bootcamp will prepare you to thrive in a career as a cybersecurity professional. Learn from industry-leading instructors in a virtual classroom setting that includes real-world cyber attack simulations, a comprehensive and immersive curriculum, industry networking opportunities, and ongoing career guidance and professional development. Working in true-to-life simulations designed to mimic the real-world conditions on the job, students will acquire hands-on experience that will allow them to stand out from their competition and excel in the field.

Tuition is $15,500 for the Cybersecurity Bootcamp, not including the $500 for the Introductory Course.

Duration: 43-52 weeks depending on class start dates and taking holidays into account

Cyber Security

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Michael Cooper
Graduated: 2021


Cybersecurity Bootcamp



Job Support

"Basic Beginner Course with Outdated Information!"

Stay away from HackerU and ThriveDX Digital Marketing Bootcamp offered through San Diego State University (SDSU). Personally speaking, this course was a complete waste of time and money. $15,000.00 Stolen by SDSU and HackerU/ThriveDX. Instructors were... Read More

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