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Swiss Code Academy

Zurich, Basel

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About Swiss Code Academy

Location: Zurich, Basel

Swiss Code Academy offers full-time, on-site, 1:1 mentored courses in the field of Data Science and Web Development. The Web Dev class is starting in Aug, 2022.

Our project-based curriculum ensures that students can apply what they learn in practical ways.... Read More

All of our students have the benefits of small class, ample mentor time. Beginners obtain guided instruction and plans that help them to start without a previous background. Same time, advanced learners are challenged with the progressive difficulty of courses.

The courses have been designed by subject matter experts and developed in-house with focus on the European Job market. Our dedicated team of alumni advisors and career specialists help you stay updated with the industry.

Our unique emphasis on - 'Think & Explore' helps you to uncover your inner potential and progress in your own direction. With an agile & responsive curriculum, Swiss Code Academy is committed to personal care of each student throughout the course and even after.


BI Analyst:

Cost: 10,800
Duration: 16 weeks
Locations: Zurich, Basel
In-person Only
Course Description:

This 16-week course will contain all the projects & lessons from Data Analyst and additionally train you to use popular BI tools like Tableau / Google Data Studio (based on your preference). The course prepares you for a career as Junior BI analyst, Business Data Analyst, Business Analyst and more.

You will learn most of the terminologies of the Google Cloud environment as this would be your primary Cloud tool.

You will acquire data from various sources and form a database in Google BigQuery and query from it. You will have the opportunity to design your data pipeline and implement Real-Time Analytics with the help of Apache Kafka.

This course helps you master the art of preparing business case studies - present it and finally,

Tuition:10800 CHF

Data Analytics, Cloud Computing

Data Analyst

Cost: $9,800
Duration: 12 weeks
Locations: Zurich, Basel
In-person Only
Course Description:

The 12-weeks Data Analyst course focuses on Python, SQL, and Machine Learning concepts. It prepares our students to start careers as Junior Data Analyst, Junior Product Analyst, Marketing Analyst, and more.

You will learn the fundamentals of Python, Statistics with a special emphasis on SQL. You will master Data Visualisation Techniques with Matplotlib, Seaborn, and Plotly coupled with Plotly express for animation.

You will perform analysis of Time Series data and implement a Forecast model (ARIMA, SARIMA along with the latest Facebook Prophet) to help design the business strategy and KPIs for a real company based in Washington D.C.

You will also design an App using Python Flask, and get familiar with concepts of Docker.

Finally, you as a Product Data Analyst would scrape the web for an e-commerce giant and design your own database (SQL / PostgreSQL) and define Products & Sales KPIs to help a start-up establish their E-commerce business- an end-to-end pipeline

Master the art of Storytelling Present your story with confidence before the audience Get feedback and reviews to improve Interview preparation - Mock interview is a special tool that helps you prepare for the real interview.

Tuition: 9800 CHF

PostgreSQL, Matplotlib, Python, Data Analytics, SQL, Data Visualization, Statistics & Probability

Data Engineer

Cost: 11,500
Duration: 20 weeks
Locations: Zurich, Basel
In-person Only
Course Description:

This 20-week course will include all the lessons/projects from BI Analyst and prepare you for the next level of Machine Learning which is Deep Learning. It would help you launch a career as Jr. Data Engineer, Data Specialist, Jr. NLP Engineer, and more.

This course will introduce you to the best practices for using Tensorflow / PyTorch, a popular open-source framework for deep learning.

You would use TensorFlow to implement those principles so that you can start building and applying scalable models to real-world problems.

You will learn how to work with sentiment analysis (including word tokenization, and all forms of text pre-processing before feeding it to the algorithms). It would help you understand how computers see and process information on a large scale.

This course would provide an optional tech-driven career - however - a background in Engineering, Maths can help you have a very wide range of career options.

Special Technical Mock interviews are added benefits for this course.

Tuition: 11500 CHF

Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Tensorflow

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