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About Techtonica

Techtonica provides free tech training, living and childcare stipends, laptops, and job placement to women and non-binary adults in need in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Techtonica's full-time software engineering apprenticeship program is six months long.... Read More

Entry to the Techtonica program is competitive – applicants should be self-motivated, resilient, logical, hardworking, and ready to make sacrifices. Applicants must be a woman or non-binary, feminine-adjacent adult, digitally literate, earn less than $50,000 a year, and have lived in the Bay Area for at least one year.

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  • Cost: Free
Locations: San Francisco
Course Description:

During the Techtonica Apprenticeship, students will learn full stack JavaScript, project management, UI/UX design, and data analysis. Accepted applicants will receive six months of free, full-time tech training with living stipends and laptops.

Subjects: CSS, HTML, JavaScript, UX Design

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  • Anonymous | Software Engineer
  • Apprenticeship
  • Graduated: 2019

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"You can be a part of the bridge, #bridgeTheTechGap"

Here is the formula: 
Put in the work + Maintain your growth mindset + Give it 6 months 
You will be gain the confidence and skills to be a software engineer. 

Before Techtonica, I was independently learning to program, applying to jobs with no... Read More

  • Anonymous
  • Apprenticeship
  • Graduated: 2019

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"This is a scam: companies pay a Non-profit a finder's fee for unprepared coding bootcamp grads"

Subpar curriculum. CEO has very little experience as an industry Software Developer and should not be in charge of the bootcamp.

The program is poorly run. The CEO kicks students out of the program for made-up reasons like cheating and not progressing... Read More

The bootcamp has no onsite instructor and the open source curriculum is lacking and subpar when compared to FreeCodeCamp, App Academy and HackReactor's curriculum. The students attend a 6-month bootcamp where they follow free online tutorials and whatever they can find online to teach themselves software development.

Advice to companies:
Hire women/non-cisgender graduates from coding bootcamps with a higher barrier of entry like App Academy or HackReactor.
What your company can do: Sponsor scholarships for low-income women and non-cisgender people to attend better bootcamps and give them paid internships.

Advice to students:
Don't go to this bootcamp. You will become very frustrated with the CEO and you'll be very unhappy.

Official Response from Techtonica

I'm sorry you didn't have a good experience during your time at Techtonica. As with most young non-profits (three cohorts through 2019), we are always working hard to make continuous improvements.

As for the technical leader, it’s unfortunate our technical... Read More

Based on feedback from participants, we have made significant and documented improvements to the program and curriculum (which is open-source, always improving, and expectant of autonomy, just like tech). We have provided additional support to applicants, implemented higher acceptance and preparation standards, created an extensive participant handbook with clear program and professionalism guidelines, clearly outlined the responsibilities of different roles, improved the roadmap, and shared this information with participants for transparency. We are also working on a more consistent assessment and scoring process that will be implemented soon.

We rely on sponsor companies to be able to provide participants with many services that don’t exist in for-profit programs with scholarships: stipends, equipment, connections to a strong network in the industry, the opportunity to focus on learning full-time, and six months of placement.

Lastly, we wish you all the best in the next steps of your career. Please know that we will always welcome an opportunity to have a dialogue.

Techtonica's average rating is 2.5 out of 5.0 based on 2 review(s).

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