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About The Coded

Location: NYC

The {c}0dEd is a place to learn how to make apps like never before. We seek individuals with no programming experience. Programming is no longer about sitting at home in the dark working all night without social interaction. Programming is collaborative.... Read More


App Factory

Cost: $2,450
Duration: 3 weeks
Locations: NYC
In-person Only
Course Description:

The {c}0dEd App Factory is a combination of our {c}0dEd coding curriculum mixed in with a bit of app business development education. Our App Factory bootcamp begins January 7th and occurs Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Most of the learning is achieved through smaller groups of class participants. By grouping students based upon strengths and weaknesses in skillsets, we offer an individualized approach to learning app development.

Phonegap, Ruby on Rails, PHP

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