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The Jump

Courses: Professional Front-End Coding Bootcamp, Professional Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp, Professional JavaScript Coding Bootcamp, +-4 more.
Professional JavaScript Coding Bootcamp


Online, London, +-6 more.

About The Jump

The Jump offers part-time and full-time remote coding bootcamps that are taught from London, UK, but which are accessed remotely from anywhere. These are programmes of in-depth software-engineering training & optional career-change support that are designed... Read More

Our part-time coding bootcamps enable you to train for longer so that you can play with ideas and concepts and reach a higher standard. Being part-time also means you can train without having to quit your job or lose your income.

If time is of the essence, then our full-time coding bootcamps will enable you to make the jump sooner

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Professional Front-End Coding Bootcamp

  • Cost: £6,000 - £6,000
Locations: Online, London
Course Description:

Our part-time Front-End Bootcamp runs for 22 weeks and our full-time Front-End Bootcamp runs for 9 week: Monday 24th August to Wednesday 10th February 2021. It is the first three quarters of our Full-Stack Bootcamp.

This bootcamp is right for you if you want to focus on client-side development and don’t explicitly need to know server-side development.

Subjects: CSS, Git, HTML, Command Line, MVC, Object Oriented Programming (OOP), React.js, Algorithms, JavaScript

Professional Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp

  • Cost: £7,500 - £7,500
Locations: Online, London
Course Description:

If you have limited or no coding experience and want to learn properly to a professional standard, then we recommend our full-stack bootcamp.

By learning the full client-server model, you’ll be able to develop all aspects of websites or web applications which will enable you to access a broader set of opportunities

30 weeks part-time or 12 weeks full-time: Monday 24th August to Wednesday 7th April 2021. Taught live by an instructor and accessed remotely from anywhere. Financing options available.

Subjects: CSS, Git, HTML, Database Management, Bash, Docker, MVC, Object Oriented Programming (OOP), SQL, Algorithms, Node.js, JavaScript

Professional JavaScript Coding Bootcamp

  • Cost: £4,999 - £4,999
Locations: Online, London
Course Description:

If you already know HTML and CSS and want learn the worlds most ubiquitous programming language to build and deploy enterprise grade software for websites and web applications, then this bootcamp is for you. Master both client and server-side JavaScript development. Learn React plus other in-demand libraries and frameworks.

Monday 2nd November to Monday 22nd March 2021

Subjects: Git, MVC, Object Oriented Programming (OOP), React.js, Algorithms, JavaScript

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  • Professional Full-Stack Coding Bootcamp
  • Graduated: 2020

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"An up-to-date in-depth course with great alumni support"

I joined The Jump knowing no code at all, and the Full Stack Web Development course gave me a strong foundation to be able to undertake various development projects and further progress on my own. I was looking for thorough tuition developing a proper... Read More


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