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The Recurse Center, aka Hacker School

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About The Recurse Center, aka Hacker School

Location: There are currently no active locations.

The Recurse Center (formerly Hacker Center) offers a free, 3 month immersive retreat for people intent on improving their programming skills.

We foster a largely unstructured, self-directed, and project-based environment, with an emphasis on self-motivation.... Read More

The Recurse Center retreat is free for everyone, and we offer need-based living-expense grants of up to $7,000 to women and people from groups traditionally underrepresented in programming.
Our program is best for people who want to become better programmers. We are not startup school nor are we a bootcamp: Our focus is helping people become better programmers, not building prototypes, and we're not a training program for web developers.

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4.25/5 (4 reviews)

Graduated: 2018




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"You know this is NOT a bootcamp, right?"

The Recurse Center is great for you if:
- you already know how to program
- have an idea for 6-12 weeks of self-directed learning
- don't expect mentors, classes, a curriculum or a certificate
- like and are interested in programming

This is not a networking... Read More

If you can't code, if you don't like to code and if you don't want to get better at writing code, it's not for you.





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"Fully recommended"

Disclaimer: I'm a loyal fan - and think that this free learning space is the way to go

Developer | Graduated: 2014




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"A life changing educational experience that spawned many lasting friendships"

Hackerschool is truly incredible. They've managed to cultivate an environment where a beginner coder who's just delving into web design can be a peer, a mentor, and a friend to a data scientist with multiple PHDs and published software. The beauty of... Read More

Graduated: 2014




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"One-sided to the max"

If your idea of learning to code or improving your coding is to continue your liberal arts studies, during which your focus was your involvement with the Campus Progressives and Feminist Studies majors; and if you agree that anything but front-end and... Read More

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