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Location: Online

The UX Writing Academy is a 5- to 6-month certificate program designed for budding to experienced UX writers, individuals coming from copywriting, journalism, technical writing or other writing backgrounds, designers looking to expand their UX skill set,... Read More

In this distance learning course, students will get ample opportunities to develop and practice UX writing skills. They’ll receive practical feedback and guidance through 1:1 mentorship, group discussions, written feedback, and group-work on a real industry project. The course mentors are carefully selected industry professionals who are immersed in UX writing and are positioned to help students hone their UX writing skills and professional development.


The UX Writing Academy

Cost: $2,500
Duration: 20 weeks
Locations: Online
Course Description:

For the first 12 weeks, students will work through 6 modules that contain lessons, class discussions, and exercises. They will complete Drill Down exercises, receive written feedback, and meet their peers both in group Q&A sessions and in the class forum.

Each module will contain content about a topic in UX writing, end of unit quizzes, a UX Writers’ Hall class discussion, a Lexically Speaking segment, and a UX Writing Drill Down unit with lessons on various UI elements followed by exercises where students will put their new knowledge into practice. Modules are broken down into units, with each unit containing several sections.

The Drill Down exercises are based on our insider knowledge of industry interview questions and take-home assignments, and will give students the skills and confidence to ace any UX writing interview.

Research Module
After completing the boot camp, students will move on to the research module where students will learn UX-writing-focused research methodologies. Students will create a fictional digital product and then conduct research for this product. This module culminates in submitting a final research report for mentor review.

Digital Product Design
In this section of the course, students will put everything they’ve learned thus far into practice by designing and writing the copy for several screens of their own fictional digital product. They’ll also create accompanying UX writing deliverables, just as one would in a real company. Finally, students will conduct user testing on their products. The goal is to create a piece of UX writing work that students can add to their portfolios.

Real Industry Project
In the final section of the course, students will work in groups on a UX writing project for a real company, under the guidance of a UX writing mentor. The companies that each cohort will have the opportunity to work with will be announced a few weeks before this section of the course starts.

UI Design, UX Design

UX Writing Essentials

Cost: $48 - $49
Locations: Online
Course Description:

Self-paced video course for anyone that wants to learn more about the essentials and basics of product design and UX writing.

- Self-paced video production
- Learn microcopy best practices
- Access to premium content and resources

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