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Venturenix LAB

Lai Chi Kok, Sheung Wan

About Venturenix LAB

Location: Lai Chi Kok, Sheung Wan

Venturenix LAB offers IT Coding Bootcamp (14 weeks), Data Science with Python (19 weeks), and Introduction to UXUI (10 weeks). All of our courses are designed as career-focused which mainly develops the practical skill set that would be applicable and... Read More

Data Science with Python students will learn Python programming and machine learning in 19 weeks. For the Python part, students will learn web crawling, data analytics and BI reporting. For machine learning, students will learn supervised learning, unsupervised learning and deep learning.

Introduction to UXUI students will learn the UX part from the foundation to creating UX research. Students will learn how to create different user interfaces by using Figma and Sketch, eventually creating their own portfolio by these UI relevant tools.

No prior IT experience is required to apply for any Venturenix LAB courses. Applicants are required to have basic computer skills and a personal laptop.

All courses student will enjoy a list of career support opportunity , including social networking event, CV and Linkedin workshop, mock interview, interview skills workshop, 1 on 1 career counselling and alumni network referral.

Venturenix LAB bootcamp students will receive a certificate of completion upon bootcamp graduation.


Data Science with Python (Part time)

Duration: 19 weeks
Locations: Lai Chi Kok
In-person Only
Course Description:

Python programming is the most scalable programming language for beginners, plus, it is essential. Whether you have never programmed before or already know basic programming. This complete course goes over commercial uses of advanced Python for job seekers in Hong Kong. Our course is used by some of the top data scientists in HK today.

● Ace that interview with a complex understanding of Data Science and Python
● Be able to create Machine Learning Algorithms
● Apply new skills learned to real-life use cases
● Perform Linear and logistic regression
● Start coding in Python for face to face classes

Tuition: HKD $35,880

Python, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, SQL, Algorithms, Data Structures, Data Science

Introduction to UXUI (Part time)

Duration: 10 weeks
Locations: Sheung Wan
In-person Only
Course Description:

The idea of UXUI, or User Experience/User Interface, is not new but continues to be a sore point for designers and end users. UXUI design is more than creating products, most commonly apps and websites, that are looking great but also convenient to use and favour the digital journey a user goes through.

It is also about understanding what the target users need and how they get what they want. UXUI designers should have the ability to alter how users interact with the information and how they navigate your design.

This 10-week course will teach you everything fundamentals about user experience (UX) and user interface (UI), including UX research, prototyping, information architecture and more.

Tuition: HKD $20,000

UI Design, UX Design

IT Coding Bootcamp (Full time)

Duration: 14 weeks
Locations: Lai Chi Kok, Sheung Wan
In-person Only
Course Description:

Venturenix LAB’s IT Coding Bootcamp is a full time intensive course, 9-6 every week day, turning you from zero to job-ready in just 14 weeks. We teach the most competitive coding languages and frameworks you will need in the software development industry.

This course is designed for anyone with any background who is interested in pursuing a career in software development. You do not need any prerequisites to join the course.

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to build a portfolio-ready project and equip with necessary technical skills needed to thrive in the ever-growing technology job market. 99% of graduates are hired upon course completion. 90% of graduates received at least 1 offer before the course completed.

Tuition: HKD $60,000

Github, MySQL, Java, React.js, JavaScript, Front-End Web Development

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4.5/5 (2 reviews)

Moses Chow
Graduated: 2021


IT Coding Bootcamp (Full time)



Job Support


Very practical and is exactly the course I have been looking for. Theory combined with practice and the tutors are very talented and experienced. Really can help an amateur to understand the concept from scratch and apply with programming. Recommend to... Read More

Graduated: 2022


Data Science with Python (Part time)



Job Support

"a very meaningful course"

The teacher has achieved a very good teaching effect through a very in-depth explanation of the textbook, and can combine a variety of teaching methods to enable students to have a deeper grasp of knowledge. The teacher attaches great importance to interaction,... Read More

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