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Cape Town, Johannesburg

About WeThinkCode_

Location: Cape Town, Johannesburg

WeThinkCode_ is a tuition-free 2-year programming bootcamp in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Students will have the chance to learn how to use coding as a tool to solve problems in a peer-to-peer environment. Developed by French Ecole 42, the curriculum allows... Read More

Although no prior coding experience is needed, students are required to attend a hands-on 4-week coding bootcamp before admittance to the 2-year course in Software Engineering. During the program, students will gain 8-months work-experience through internships at partnered tech companies.
***Developing Africa’s Digital Talent***

WeThinkCode_ is a revolutionary tech university dedicated to deliver South Africa’s human potential and meet the increasing demand for software engineering skills. WeThinkCode_ has a campus in Johannesburg with 320 students and will be opening a Cape Town campus in 2018.

*Finding and training future tech talent*
Democratising education by making it open and accessible to all talented young people (17-35 years), WeThinkCode_ sources high potential software engineers regardless of previous education, financial means or socio-economic background. Through an innovative online application process, we source top talent from all backgrounds.

At WeThinkCode_ there are no teachers, no classes, and students learn through a peer-to-peer problem solving environment. In partnership with world-class institution Ecole 42 (based in Paris and Silicon Valley), WeThinkCode_ trains young minds to become software engineers that think differently and are equipped with skills to thrive in the digital era.

*Partnering with companies looking for tech skills*
Tuition-free, our two-year course is sponsored by companies looking to thrive in the digital economy and secure their tech talent pipelines. Corporate partners provide financial support, skills development and a path to employment for students. In return, students pledge to complete two 4-month internships with corporate sponsors and work for the sponsor at the end of their studies. Corporate sponsorship is R150,000 per student, which covers the 2-year course.

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Software Engineering

Cost: Free
Duration: 2 weeks
Locations: Cape Town, Johannesburg
In-person Only
Course Description:

This is a 2-year peer-to-peer programming course where students work with each other to solve problems. Students are required to take a 4-week intensive bootcamp to be invited to enroll in the 2-year course. Students will learn skills applicable to game design, app design, cloud computing, cryptography, artificial intelligence, web design, malware and more.

The course is 100% free for WeThinkCode_ students. Corporate sponsors pay your tuition, and in exchange, you will complete two (paid) 4-month internships with them during the course of your studies. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be required to work back the value of your sponsorship (typically 1-2 years) with your sponsor.

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Tony Mack
Software Engineer | Graduated: 2016


Software Engineering



Job Support

"WTC Graduate"

So I started WTC in 2016, not knowing what I was getting my self into, I had previously been at UJ for two years and CTI for 6 months, so I had been around.
What WTC gave me:
- An amazing two year experience of straight up non stop coding - what you learn... Read More

It wasn't always pretty: I was part of the first cohort so it felt at times WTC was still trying to figure it's self out. I mean some students were blatantly cheating and we all knew it and nothing was really ever done about it, but they have better processes in place now for figuring/finding out those rotten eggs. Also being part of the first cohort we had to deal with being really dynamic and accepting bloopers and changes as the course went on. One thing I did think was that they expanded to quickly and needed to find their place in Joburg before opening in CapeTown, but I guess they saw another opportunity and Cape Town is a different culture and will come with it's own ups and downs.

The actual curriculum: This is by far one of the coolest ways to learn programming, you get to pick which branches you'd like to do, in the beginning I'd suggest trying all of them out because you learn valuable lessons with each project even if you don't pass it.
Year 1, semester 1, you had a choice between Graphics, algorithms and Unix, you could do 2/3 minimum, at the time we were to do all 3 though.
I started by doing all of them and ended up doing Unix and algos.
Everything is written in C and you make your own library which you use in all the projects, there are about 4-5 projects and one big project, which can range from two weeks to two months.
The final Unix project for us was basically re producing bash, with all its functionality.
Semester two starts off with a php bootcamp, where a new web branch is now available. I carried on with the web branch and we had to make a dating website and a shopping site, the final project we could use any language, any framework and had to make a streaming website that uses torrents to stream movies/series.
By this time there were many more modules that you could pick and choose from, I'm just taking you through my journey
Semester 3 - This started off with a c++ bootcamp. After finishing that we had to make snake that was on the old nokia 3310 but in 3D, this was quite a lot of fun and we were able to do it as a group of 2-3. The last project for c++ was to re create Bomberman in 3D which was such an awesome project to do. We had to make the graphics engine from scratch using c++ and OpenGL lib then we had to model and render out own assets, so we had 1 person in the team learning how to use blender and animate models one person doing game login adn another making the graphics engine and by the end it all came together.
During this time we also had a social tech project where we had to solve a real issue in South Africa using technology, I chose to do a car pooling app for businesses.
This project was unique and not part of the 42 curriculum but it taught me a very valuable skills. We had to pitch our ideas to some of the top CEO's in South Africa and we had to make an MVP, the project was 6 months long and it was definitely worth it, though it wasn't for everyone. I learnt presentation skills and how to start up my own business during this process.
Semester 4 - social tech: coming to the end of our social tech project and time at we think code I only completed the IOS module in this semester but there were many more modules like Docker, Java, Security you name it you could have taken it this semester.
One of the most frustrating things at the end was group work as I had to do most of the things myself but it taught me a lot so I don't regret it.

What you have to realise is that you're doing this for your self, no one else. If you want to be a successful software developer in two years it's not going to be easy, and this course is not easy. What you put in is what you get out. Literally, I got my first job because I had some really cool projects from WTC
So I suggest when you do your WTC projects you make them work, even if you failed them, go back and clean them up and build up your profile

Thats all

Tony Mack

Claris Richter
Graduate Developer | Graduated: 2016


Software Engineering



Job Support

"An unforgettable journey!"

WeThinkCode_ played one of the largest roles in my life. The course was tough, and at times I wondered why I was even trying. But if there's one thing WeThinkCode_ taught me, it's that we're all capable of more than we think. It taught me how to code... Read More

Whether you think you can code or can't code, you're right.

Zubair Moola
Intermediate Software Developer - Britehouse Digital | Graduated: 2016


Software Engineering



Job Support

"An excellent springboard into software development"

I joined WeThinkCode_ with no previous background into UNIX or software development/coding.

Through the initial 1-month bootcamp we were given an introduction into using a UNIX system through the command-line interface, as well as programming in C.
The... Read More

Aside from training us to code, WeThinkCode_ provided us with mentorship and opportunities for personal growth through workshops and social outreach programmes.

I joined Britehouse as part of the annual internship arranged by WeThinkCode_. Due to personal circumstances I was unable to return to WeThinkCode_ for the second year of study, however Britehouse was more than eager to take me on as an intern because of the skills and work-ethic I'd inherited from being at WeThinkCode_.
Within the past year I was quickly adopted into the custom application development team and had been promoted twice, to junior and then intermediate developer.

I have managed to learn and adapt to new languages and applications quickly and effectively using the fundamental knowledge I gained from being at WethinkCode_ and, without question, owe my growth and trust that the company I work for and their clients place in me to the guidance training, and opportunities provided by WeThinkCode_.

Miriam Lamarre
Junior Front-End Developer | Graduated: 2016


Software Engineering



Job Support

"I am where I am today, thanks to WeThinkCode_"

I am currently a Junior Front-End Developer at an amazing Ruby on Rails software development company, and I owe it all to WeThinkCode_.
If it wasn't for their education model and their belief in everyone they accept into the program, I wouldn't be where... Read More

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