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Fullstack Academy and App Academy both offer full-time immersive bootcamp programs that have in-person and online bootcamp options. Fullstack Academy also has part-time and flex bootcamps. The biggest difference between App Academy and Fullstack Academy is the payment options. Both coding bootcamps let you pay upfront, but App Academy promotes its ISA payment structure, which allows students with promising skills that may lack the finances to enroll. Additionally, App Academy places a strong focus on career training and job placement.

Fullstack Academy App Academy
Overall Rating
Courses Bootcamp Prep in a Month, Bootcamp Prep in a Week, Cal Poly Coding Bootcamp (Part-Time), Cal Poly Cyber Bootcamp (Part-Time), Caltech Cyber Bootcamp (Full-Time), Caltech Cyber Bootcamp (Part-Time), Cyber On-Ramp, +15 more.
Flex (Part-Time) Immersive, Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp (Full-Time), Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp (Part-Time), Hacking 101, Louisiana State University Coding Bootcamp (Part-Time), LSU Cyber Bootcamp (Full-Time), LSU Cyber Bootcamp (Part-Time), Software Engineering Immersive, Summer of Code, The Coding Bootcamp at University of North Florida (Part-Time), The Cyber Bootcamp at University of North Florida (Part-Time), University of San Diego Coding Bootcamp (Full-Time), University of San Diego Coding Bootcamp (Part-Time), University of San Diego Cyber Bootcamp (Part-Time), Web Development Fellowship at Fullstack Academy
Bootcamp Prep, Software Engineer Track: In-Person, Software Engineer Track: Online, +-4 more.
Software Engineer Track: Online
Cost $0 - $17,910 $2,999 - $20,000
Location(s) Online, New York City, Chicago Online, San Francisco, New York City

What is Fullstack Academy?

Fullstack Academy is an immersive coding school that consistently creates a curriculum based on current and emerging technologies. They aim to help students develop a strong Java foundation and skill set that can be used all over the world.

Highlights: Fullstack Academy's curriculum alternates between using and building, and by the end of the course, students will have built their own Database, Terminal Shell, Single Page Web Framework, and CSS grid system. Fullstack's primary programming language of choice is JavaScript. The program also provides prep courses for students before they apply and offers job search support when they are preparing to graduate.

Financing/scholarship options: Fullstack Academy has lending partners they work with to provide loans for coding bootcamp tuition, and they also offer the Edie Windsor Coding Scholarship that aims to help LGBTQ and trans women. Students can pay the tuition cost upfront as well.

What makes Fullstack Academy unique?

Fullstack Academy is an award-winning program that has partnered with Google, Facebook, Wayfair, Etsy, Spotify, and more to place bootcamp grads.

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What is App Academy?

App Academy is a top-rated coding school that was the first to offer tuition based on a graduate's first-year salary. They offer an adaptive curriculum which is guided by leading tech companies and industry experts. The program also places a strong emphasis on career training.

Highlights: App Academy offers an online or in-person bootcamp prep course for prospective students and provides career coaching once admitted into the program. There is also a free online coding course called App Academy Open, where students can receive free access to App Academy's entire in-person full-stack curriculum.

Financing/scholarship options: Students can pay upfront or choose an ISA (income sharing agreement). App Academy also provides deposit assistance to people from communities that are underrepresented in tech.

What makes App Academy unique?

App Academy is a highly rated, top-ranked program that has grads working for notable companies that include Google, PayPal, Pinterest, Dropbox, and over 1,000 other tech companies. By focusing on career training and job placement, they aim to help students secure employment as quickly as possible after graduating bootcamp.

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Fullstack Academy Reviews

  • Anonymous | Software Developer
  • Web Development Fellowship at Fullstack Academy
  • Graduated: 2020



Job Support

"Best decision of my life!!"

I applied to Fullstack Academy though the NYC Tech Talent Pipeline for a chance at a fellowship opportunity. With a degree in computer science and the terrible market due to the corona virus, I knew it was going to take a lot more to stand out. That and... Read More

  • Jason | Frontend Developer
  • Software Engineering Immersive
  • Graduated: 2020



Job Support

"Best career decision I've made."

I applied to Fullstack on recommendation from a couple of friends who are developers. I had looked into 2 other highly respected bootcamps as well, but was not interested in the hours they offered. Fullstack is 5 days a week 9-6, while the other two were... Read More

The application process was pretty smooth, and included a live pair programming algorithm over Zoom or Skype. I was excited to be accepted, and had to begin the pre-course which was online, at your own pace with weekly deadlines and mini-tests called checkpoints. Most of the pre-course was targeted at improving your javascript skills and didn't include any frameworks or any type of work with stacks. After 3 weeks or so of that, the on-location portion began in NYC. It was exciting to be back in a learning environment, and I had been out of school since 2005. It was also energizing to be surrounded by many other people who were making a career change and were eager to learn. Unfortunately, we were on location for only a week (or two?) because of COVID, but I was extremely pleased at how well everything worked in a remote setting.

The 13 on-location weeks are split into two phases. The first, called junior phase is essentially learning the core stack. Node, Express, Sequelize, React, Redux. Then there is a week off with limited assignments, and a god chance to relax and review. The second phase is essentially putting everything we learned into practice, and prepping for the job hunt. I was surprised at how robust their career coaching was from resume reviews, interview practice, etc. I came out of the program a transformed person, and was fortunate to land a job within 2.5 months of graduating.

App Academy Reviews

  • Anonymous | Software Engineer
  • Software Engineer Track: In-Person
  • Graduated: 2020



Job Support

"Tech is a second gold rush, and these folks sell shovels"

I attended App Academy after graduating college with a degree in Ecology and working in the US Forest Service for three years. Basically, I had no technical experience whatsoever outside of playing video games and experimenting with basic coding in the... Read More

App Academy has a pretty solid curriculum, and while you could conceivably learn it all on your own it's much more efficient to do it through them. While most of the TA's are recent A/a grads, the cohort leads are usually experienced engineers and can answer your in-depth technical questions. I'm pleased to say there is a decent focus on true CS concepts rather than just how to use the trending tools of the industry, which is really what counts in the job search. Specific languages and tools go out of style rapidly, but if you can internalize the core concepts of CS and learn how to pick up new things on the fly, you will be able to apply to a wide range of jobs and have a chance of passing the interviews.

Pair programming is one of the most infuriating experiences imaginable, but I will say that it is the secret sauce that makes this bootcamp work. Left to you own devices you will likely not be motivated or focused enough to work through the whole curriculum on your own, but when paired with another person all day it makes sure that both partners are on task and making good progress. I will say I love pair programming when two people can just freeform work on the project together and throw out the driver/navigator roles, and I encourage you to suggest this to your partners if both of you are on board.

I would also say that while the A/a model works really well right now, it is definitely a crapshoot whether or not it will work for you or in the future. Right now tech is a bloated whale of high paying coding jobs that could be conceivably had with just 4-6 months of rigorous training, but I suspect that like the gold rush this will come to an end. Most of these jobs are for startups which are not profitable and are funded by VC cash. While I'm not an economist, I have heard from people who are that the tech industry is likely overvalued and may crash in the same way that finance did in 2008. Just be wary, and have realistic expectations. At the time of this review I would 100% recommend App Academy as a viable option to a tech career, but if you are reading this a year or later down the line I would do my research into the state of the industry and bootcamp placements before registering. If you are older (say, 35+) or lack a degree you may also struggle to find a job as many companies will automatically weed you out for not having a degree or discriminate against you for being an older candidate. Ditto if you are not a citizen or green card holder. While I and many of my friends found jobs within 3-6 months of finishing the program (some even sooner), I also met many people who fit into the above categories who ended up searching for upwards of a year.

The one place where App Academy really shines is the job search. This to me is where 90% of the value comes from. Anyone can learn how to code on their own, but I can honestly say without my dedicated and talented coaches I would have been dead in the water. They teach you things that you can't easily learn off the internet, things you wouldn't even think to google, and the job search formula works, at least in this current economy. Indeed, I did App Academy because I didn't think I could find a job in my old field (ecology), but after going through the job search curriculum I realize I total could have if I knew what I know now about job searching. Lastly, I'd like to mention that my first coach was a dud and pretty useless, but after he "left" App Academy I was assigned to two new coaches who were total rockstars. My point is your milage may vary, but for the most part I would say the coaching staff is solid.

Finally, read the fine print. The ISA money-back guarentee only applies if you finish the program and don't find a job after a year, and even then you will more than likely have to sign a job search extension adding extra months before you are eligible to get your money back. This is due to the fact that your projects and job search materials will likely not be done by the time you graduate and you will need to spend additional time working on these, during which time you are not technically job searching. Make sure that you are able to support yourself being fully unemployed for a period of 17ish months (4 months curriculum + 13 months for the search) before you start the program if you want to be safe. Of course you could just send it anyway, but you are running a risk as if you run out of money and have to go back to work you will still owe A/a $28K. Also, plan on moving to a tech hub city (most likely SF or NY) if you do not already live in one, these are the places where companies will hire bootcampers. I was lucky enough to score a remote job, but that is also mostly due to COVID. You may also be able to do so but again it is a crapshoot.

Overall, I would recommend App Academy but only in an artifically inflated and booming tech economy.

  • Jourdan Ooi | Software Engineer
  • Software Engineer Track: In-Person
  • Graduated: 2020



Job Support

"Strenuous and at times annoying but in the end worth it."

-Great curriculum taught by competent and (mostly) empathetic instructors who want you to succeed.
-If you can pass the curriculum as well as are giving a true "best of yourself" effort then you will learn to program.
-Resources are plentiful during... Read More

- During job search technical resources are very much limited and watered down compared to help you received during curriculum.
- Although there are few, I did encounter instructors that I felt were chosen for their ability to program rather than their ability to teach and program.
- Terrible system of conduct and accountability. There has to be a better way to handle plagiarism. Everyone who programs grabs info from stackoverflow etc.

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