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Fullstack Academy and App Academy both offer full-time immersive bootcamp programs that have in-person and online bootcamp options. Fullstack Academy also has part-time and flex bootcamps. The biggest difference between App Academy and Fullstack Academy is the payment options. Both coding bootcamps let you pay upfront, but App Academy promotes its ISA payment structure, which allows students with promising skills that may lack the finances to enroll. Additionally, App Academy places a strong focus on career training and job placement.

Fullstack Academy App Academy
Overall Rating
Courses Fullstack Academy AI & Machine Learning Bootcamp (Part-Time), Fullstack Academy Cloud Computing Bootcamp (Part-Time), Fullstack Academy Cybersecurity Analytics Bootcamp (Full-Time), Fullstack Academy Cybersecurity Analytics Bootcamp (Part-Time), Fullstack Academy Full-Time Software Engineering Immersive, Fullstack Academy Part-Time Software Engineering Immersive, Fullstack Academy Product Management Bootcamp (Part-Time), +3 more.
Fullstack Academy Web Development Bootcamp, Fullstack Data Analytics Bootcamp (Full-Time), Fullstack Data Analytics Bootcamp (Part-Time)
24-week Software Engineering Full-Time Program (Online), 48-week Software Engineering Part-Time Program (Online), Free Bootcamp Prep
Cost $0 - $17,910 $2,999 - $20,000
Location(s) Online, New York City, Chicago Online, San Francisco, New York City

What is Fullstack Academy?

Fullstack Academy is an immersive coding school that consistently creates a curriculum based on current and emerging technologies. They aim to help students develop a strong Java foundation and skill set that can be used all over the world.

Highlights: Fullstack Academy's curriculum alternates between using and building, and by the end of the course, students will have built their own Database, Terminal Shell, Single Page Web Framework, and CSS grid system. Fullstack's primary programming language of choice is JavaScript. The program also provides prep courses for students before they apply and offers job search support when they are preparing to graduate.

Financing/scholarship options: Fullstack Academy has lending partners they work with to provide loans for coding bootcamp tuition, and they also offer the Edie Windsor Coding Scholarship that aims to help LGBTQ and trans women. Students can pay the tuition cost upfront as well.

What makes Fullstack Academy unique?

Fullstack Academy is an award-winning program that has partnered with Google, Facebook, Wayfair, Etsy, Spotify, and more to place bootcamp grads.

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What is App Academy?

App Academy is a top-rated coding school that was the first to offer tuition based on a graduate's first-year salary. They offer an adaptive curriculum which is guided by leading tech companies and industry experts. The program also places a strong emphasis on career training.

Highlights: App Academy offers an online or in-person bootcamp prep course for prospective students and provides career coaching once admitted into the program. There is also a free online coding course called App Academy Open, where students can receive free access to App Academy's entire in-person full-stack curriculum.

Financing/scholarship options: Students can pay upfront or choose an ISA (income sharing agreement). App Academy also provides deposit assistance to people from communities that are underrepresented in tech.

What makes App Academy unique?

App Academy is a highly rated, top-ranked program that has grads working for notable companies that include Google, PayPal, Pinterest, Dropbox, and over 1,000 other tech companies. By focusing on career training and job placement, they aim to help students secure employment as quickly as possible after graduating bootcamp.

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Fullstack Academy Reviews

  • Anonymous
  • Software Engineering Immersive
  • Graduated: 2021



Job Support

"Not worth the money, maybe worth your time?"

Worth your time if you need someone to hold your hand and spoon feed you from time to time. Instructors are pretty average, they make you feel good throughout the curriculum and sure they will try to help guide you or give you advice on whatever problem... Read More

  • Anonymous | Software Engineer
  • Fullstack Cyber Bootcamp (Full-Time)
  • Graduated: 2021



Job Support

"Fullstack Academy is one of the top coding bootcamps!"

The main pros of this program is the pre-bootcamp and the curriculum. I was quickly able to get comfortable using React and TypeScript to develop fullstack web applications and learn other technologies in the 3 months that I attended Fullstack Academy.... Read More

App Academy Reviews

  • Manuel Tobal
  • 48-week Software Engineering Part-Time Program (Online)
  • Graduated: 2024



Job Support

"I love App Academy"

True story, I tried to leave App Academy to attend another Boot Camp. They told me, “Hang on, stay focused, App Academy is a great Boot Camp. “ And since then, I knew I was in good hands. App Academy is a great place to start programming. They are very... Read More

  • Nook Muenseeprom
  • 48-week Software Engineering Part-Time Program (Online)
  • Graduated: 2023



Job Support

"Great Class Size and Very Understanding"

App Academy are very flexible with their student. I had to take multiple circumstantial deferral due to work schedule conflicts and family emergency. The teachers are super nice and helpful. The lessons are straightforward and all the materials you need... Read More

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