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While General Assembly has online and on-campus bootcamps with real-time and self-paced options, Udacity is entirely online and flexible. General Assembly provides full-time bootcamps, while Udacity programs are part-time and self-paced, although some require 5-10 hours each week. Most of General Assembly's bootcamps take about 12 weeks, while Udacity options take about six months. General Assembly charges tuition, though individuals may enroll in an income share agreement (ISA) or pay monthly installments. General Assembly also provides discounts for women and accepts funds through the GI Bill. Udacity, which organizes its programs into Nanodegrees, requires a monthly subscription and offers discounts and free trials. .

General Assembly Udacity
Overall Rating
Courses Data Analytics (Short Course), Software Engineering Bootcamp (Full-Time), Software Engineering Bootcamp (Part Time), Data Analytics Bootcamp (Part-Time), Digital Marketing (Short Course), JavaScript Development (Short Course), User Experience Design Bootcamp (Full-Time), +10 more.
User Experience Design Bootcamp (Part-Time), User Experience Design (Short Course), Front-End Web Development (Short Course), Product Management (Short Course), Visual Design (Short Course), Data Science Bootcamp (Full-Time), Data Science (Short Course), Python Programming (Short Course), React Development (Short Course), Data Analytics Bootcamp (Full-Time)
AI Programming with Python, Al Product Manager, Android Basics, Android Developer, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence for Trading, Blockchain Developer, +26 more.
Business Analytics, C++, Cloud Dev Ops Engineer, Cloud Developer, Computer Vision, Data Analyst, Data Engineer, Data Structures and Algorithms, Data Visualization, Deep Learning, Deep Reinforcement Learning, Digital Marketing, Front End Web Developer, Full Stack Web Developer, Introduction to Machine Learning, Introduction to Programming, iOS Developer, Java Developer, Machine Learning Engineer, Marketing Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Predictive Analytics for Business, React, Robotics Software Engineer, Self-Driving Car Engineer, UX Designer
Cost $2,800 - $15,950 $718 - $2,154
Location(s) Online, Austin, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Melbourne, Providence, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Seattle, Sydney, Detroit, Houston, Miami, Minneapolis, Raleigh, Paris, Toronto, Denver, Singapore, Orlando, Scottsdale Online

What is General Assembly?

General Assembly has part-time and full-time classes via online or campus-based learning. Campuses are available in major US cities such as Austin, Boston, Louisville, and Los Angeles, as well as in Europe, Asia, and Australia. General Assembly maintains a strong global alumni network and has over 19,000+ hiring partners.

Highlights: General Assembly's course offerings change frequently, responding to best practices and current market demand. The curriculum is designed by a large team of instructional designers, subject matter experts, and education product managers. Students can also take free beginner coding courses through Dash before deciding to enroll in a program.

Financing/scholarship options: Individuals from any background are encouraged to apply to one of General Assembly's programs, as financing options, free training, and scholarships are all available. General Assembly offers resources to veterans and their families and accepts GI Bill funds. The Social Impact team at General Assembly is available to provide more information about financial resources and opportunities for underrepresented individuals in the tech industry.

What makes General Assembly unique?

General Assembly has an alumni network and partnerships with major tech companies. All students have access to personalized career coaching.

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What is Udacity?

Udacity's courses are entirely online, part-time, and self-paced, so participants can develop their tech skills around job and life commitments. Program tracks, referred to as Nanodegrees, are available in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Programming, Autonomous Systems, Cloud Computing, and Business.

Highlights: Programs vary in length, weekly time commitment, and experience level, so interested candidates can find a program that matches their professional goals and skills. Many classes require just 5-10 hours each week. Some are contingent on prerequisite skills in coding languages. Udacity's curriculum emphasizes real-world job skills; it's created by industry professionals rather than academics.

Financing/scholarship options: Udacity has ten scholarship programs, many sponsored by major tech companies. There are specialized programs for veterans as well. Tuition is paid through a monthly subscription, though students can opt for financing through student services.

What makes Udacity unique?

Mentors are available 24/7 to assist with coding questions. Students can also access free professional development courses and a Career Resource Center. Career coaches offer interview practice, resume feedback, and online profile tips

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General Assembly Reviews

  • Ben Sterlini | Data Analyst
  • Data Analytics (Short Course)
  • Graduated: 2022



Job Support

"Great course , helped me land my first data analyst job !"

I approached General Assembly with the goal of switching career into data analytics. I received support from their team to help me understand which course was best suited for my needs, explaining the data analytics space, which hard skills are most in... Read More

I learnt 3 main areas. Excel, Tableau and SQL. I had no previous experience coding prior to the course. Today in my show SQL is probably the backbone of what I do, and all the skills learnt in the course have 100% been useful and this has allowed me to pursue a career in data analytics.

Throughout the course, which I attended online, we had two assistants and the main instructor. All of them were super helpful and patient when needed. They controlled the group really well, so it really felt like there was a good vibe every time I tuned in to a class. It was also quite cool to have a class from all over the world, I'm based in Europe but we had people in the USA, Singapore and even Australia on the call.

I'd recommend General Assembly for anyone looking to change career. They helped me land a job, change my career, increase my earning potential and honestly I only have good things to say about them

  • Anonymous | Software Engineer
  • Software Engineering Bootcamp (Full-Time)
  • Graduated: 2023



Job Support

"Don't go here"

Honestly everything you learn here can be learned on Youtube or by starting your own coding projects. I was lucky to get a job and have great teachers for my cohort but it seems like 98% of the students here aren't finding roles. This is largely due to... Read More

Udacity Reviews

  • Alessia
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Graduated: 2023



Job Support

"Outdated materials, no feedback whatsoever from customer support."

I joined a Marketing Analytics course, and I soon noticed that the materials were not up to date (Google Analytics Universal instead of GA4, Google Data Studio instead of Looker). I repeatedly contacted customer support, to no avail. A month has gone... Read More

  • Anonymous | Wind turbine engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Graduated: 2022



Job Support

"SQL nanodegree program"

My expectations were very well met by the end of the course. I am happy to have pursued this no cheap program as it has helped me to have acquired many foundational and practical SQL skills I was looking for. The course is well-structured and focused... Read More

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