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Springboard is an online-only school with a flexible schedule and extensive support services, including student advisors, personal mentors, career coaches, and an annual conference. General Assembly courses are available online and in 30 worldwide locations; all students may attend workshops and networking events. Springboard and General Assembly students can choose from a monthly installment plan, a deferred tuition option, or student loans. Both organizations have scholarships for women and veterans, but General Assembly also works directly with student employers to secure tuition sponsorships. Some of Springboard's programs offer a tuition refund if employment is not secured after graduation, though terms apply.

Springboard General Assembly
Overall Rating
Courses Software Engineering Career Track, Software Engineering Career Track Prep Course, Data Analytics Career Track, Data Engineering Career Track, Data Science Career Track, Data Science Career Track Prep, Digital Marketing Career Track, +5 more.
Introduction to Cybersecurity, Introduction to Design, Machine Learning Engineering Career Track, UI/UX Design Career Track, UX Career Track
Software Engineering Immersive, Software Engineering Immersive - Flex, User Experience Design Immersive, Data Science Immersive, Data Analytics, Data Science Part Time, Digital Marketing, +6 more.
Front-End Web Development, Product Management, Python Programming, React Development, User Experience Design Part Time, Visual Design
Cost $490 - $8,500 $2,800 - $15,950
Location(s) Online Online, Austin, Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas, Melbourne, Providence, New York, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Monica, Seattle, Sydney, Detroit, Houston, Miami, Minneapolis, Raleigh, Paris, Toronto, Denver, Singapore, Orlando, Scottsdale

What is Springboard?

Springboard teaches through a project-based curriculum that is set up to let students work around their schedules. Cohorts start monthly, and although it is a self-paced program, accountability measures include setting weekly goals with a mentor. Each career track has a job placement guarantee, and students will get the opportunity to practice interview skills, build a portfolio, and polish their resume.

Highlights: Most students dedicate 20 hours each week to coursework. Classes are online and asynchronous, so students work from anywhere and at their own pace. The curriculum is designed around real-world projects so students will gain first-hand experience with technical skills. Springboard's tuition includes access to student advisors, personal mentors, career coaches, and a peer community for networking. Some programs require prerequisites, such as professional work experience.

Financing/scholarship options: Full tuition varies depending on the program, but payment options include a monthly installment plan, a deferred tuition option, or a credit loan. Scholarships are available for women and veterans. Some programs grant a tuition refund if all terms are met and an individual is not offered employment in the field within six months.

What makes Springboard unique?

Springboard has free learning tutorials in UX Design, Python, digital marketing, search engine optimization, mobile application development, and a bootcamp in business analytics. Springboard also hosts an annual conference for students, alumni, and mentors to connect.

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What is General Assembly?

General Assembly has over 30 campuses spanning six countries and has part-time, full-time, and online course options. Programs are designed to teach in-demand skills for the global tech industry. General Assembly works with 19,000+ hiring partners and offers graduates a dynamic alumni network.

Highlights: Students in immersive programs receive additional benefits including job search support and networking opportunities. General Assembly also provides a free online learning platform called Dash where students can find a collection of introductory live streams in data analytics, HTML, JavaScript, digital marketing, UX design, and more. Remote versions of General Assembly's programs use Zoom and Slack, so students attend virtual classes in real-time.

Financing/scholarship options: Individuals in full-time, immersive programs have access to tuition installment plans, loans, and other financing options including an income share agreement (ISA). General Assembly works with current employers to sponsor employee education, and the company's Social Impact team assists participants in identifying scholarship opportunities.

What makes General Assembly unique?

General Assembly provides students with an extensive alumni network and active partnerships with major tech companies. Graduates from General Assembly programs have gone on to secure employment at Google, Microsoft, and IBM. There are also free events and workshops for individuals seeking more information.

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Springboard Reviews

  • Anonymous
  • Data Analytics Career Track
  • Graduated: 2020



Job Support


I completed Springboard in November 2020 and was very dissatisfied with the service. The material is a compilation of online resources and found myself constantly looking for additional resources to supplement my the material being taught. Having a mentor... Read More

  • Anne Warren | Data Scientist
  • Data Science Career Track
  • Graduated: 2020



Job Support

"Get Hired as a Data Scientist before even finishing the Springboard Data Science Career Track!"

I wanted to change career and industry for several years and I chose Springboard's Data Science Career Track to do so while I had just been laid off “thanks to” the Covid-19 and oil crises. Great timing for a career change, I know...
I studied the Data... Read More

- 100% online curriculum with great resources and lectures from Harvard, Stanford...etc... All interactions with advisors, mentors, coaches are online and on a flexible schedule.
- You'll get enrolled in DataCamp and have access to extra practice/project work to master your skills (Python, SQL, Pyspark, Github...). I love DataCamp and will remain a member.
- You'll have access to LinkedIn learning, Medium, Towards Data Science.
- Weekly presentations (career sessions, business hour Q&A, guest presentation)
- Weekly meetings with your assigned mentor. You can schedule additional sessions if needed.
- You can select your own career coach from a long list of Springboard career coaches (their background and skills are diverse which makes the coaching experience invaluable). I personally chose one career coach and followed up with him throughout the program.
- You'll get to work on a lot of projects (40ish), 3 capstone projects to apply what you've learned and your work will be reviewed by TAs who have a great sense of humor.
- Springboard conference (Rise!) and seminars (wellness, career...) during which you can interact with fellow students, alumni, employers...
- Because the program is online and always accessible you can do it in 6 months as planned or in 4 to 5 months. I am now on week 16 with 84% completed. It is really up to you.

Cons: There are no cons as far as I am concerned however you need to know that the program requires drive and self-discipline because there is a lot to do and so little time... You'll get help and tips from your student advisor, the career services, your career coach, your mentor, the TAs, and even from other students. The bottom line is that you need to stay on task and have the time to work on your projects.

The program is worth more than you pay for. There is a steep learning curve but it remains fun all the way and it works! If you are afraid of not 'being good enough', start with the Data Science Career Preparation which will give you a taste of the level of statistics and Python coding you need. It is only 4 week-long, about $500 which will be credited towards your Data Science Career Track tuition upon successfull completion.

General Assembly Reviews

  • Juliane Rossi | Product Owner
  • Product Management
  • Graduated: 2020



Job Support

"Great material, awesome instructors!"

General Assembly created a very easy-to-follow workflow for the classes. It was a very 'hands-on' approach, where we could put into practice all we learned. A very good comprehensive course, yet easy to follow. The instructors were phenomenal! Since they... Read More

  • Anonymous | Factory Automation Engineer
  • Graduated: 2020



Job Support

"Great Experience, Would Recommend!"

I completed General Assembly's Software Engineering Immersive remote option recently and would highly recommend the program! I learned so much in just 12 weeks and felt that it was worth the time and effort. The curriculum was well-organized and relevant,... Read More

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