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Udemy offers thousands of courses designed to teach tech skills in everything from programming and data science to AI and cloud computing. DataCamp, while providing a selection of course offerings, is focused on computer science-specific career tracks using Python, R, and SQL programming languages. Both organizations are entirely online. Udemy has individual courses varying in content, level, length, and cost. Users pay for each course but can access their completed materials forever. DataCamp has multiple course options, but still provides a clear curriculum that can be accessed with a monthly paid subscription. DataCamp users do not have access to completed course materials once a subscription ends.

Udemy DataCamp
Overall Rating
Courses Everything Intro to Python for Data Science, Introduction to R
Cost $99 Free
Location(s) Online Online

What is Udemy?

Udemy has thousands of online courses that can be completed around a student's busy schedule. Participants can find classes in a large range of subjects, including design, photography, and marketing. For those interested in programming, they offer classes for programming languages, app and web development, data science, cybersecurity, UX/UI design, and many other tech industry skills. Courses are instructed by industry professionals from around the world, with classes offered in over 65 languages. Interested individuals can find courses that match any skill level. Udemy has offices in several countries, including in India, Turkey, Brazil, Ireland, and the United States.

Highlights: Most content includes videos and practice activities and can be accessed from mobile devices and laptops. Classes are available on-demand with no mandatory start dates.

Financing/scholarship options: There are free classes available, as well as a range of affordably-priced courses. Individuals can get a full refund up to 30 days after enrolling in a course.

What makes Udemy unique?

Members have access to Udemy's Help Center and support team. Udemy has a lifetime access program, and every completed, paid course includes a certificate of completion. Even after course completion, students maintain access to course materials.

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What is DataCamp?

DataCamp has headquarters in New York, London, and Leuven, although beginner and advanced programmers can access courses and content from anywhere in the world through DataCamp's online program options. With hundreds of individual courses available, people can develop a curriculum that matches their experience and career goals.

Highlights: Students may enroll in individual courses, a short-term specialized skill track, or a full career path program. Career paths include all the skills necessary to pursue a career in tech, combining basic and advanced coursework. Career tracks include Python Programmer, Data Analyst, Data Scientist, Quantitative Analyst, Statistician, and more. Each career-based program includes between 11-29 courses depending on the track.

Financing/scholarship options: Students pay a monthly subscription for support and content. New users can access a free version that includes a sample chapter from each course, hands-on projects, all coding challenges, and one skill assessment.

What makes DataCamp unique?

Datacamp's skill assessment tool, Signal, is an adaptive evaluation that informs a personalized learning plan for each student. Classwork includes a mix of video tutorials and hands-on practice, including case studies and daily interactive challenges.

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Udemy Reviews

  • iam
  • Graduated: 2020



Job Support

"Angular 11 Course"

I waited to write the review almost until the end of the course and I can say that it is very very good. I love how the teacher explains the concepts, the diagrams he uses, and how he goes deep, step-by-step, for each concept. Really one of the best I... Read More

  • Dinesh S
  • Everything
  • Graduated: 2020



Job Support

"Udemy Data Engineering Course"

Excellent.. Initially thought how come they teach industry standard / real time projects.. But after joining the course, I am with Udemy. Yes!!, teaching not only concepts and technical terms. Teaching the industry best practice to write code, documentation,... Read More

DataCamp Reviews

  • Anonymous
  • Intro to Python for Data Science
  • Graduated: 2020



Job Support

"Poor customer support and deceptive business practices"

The company has a dishonest and deceptive refund / renewal policy. They exploit inactive subscribers with an all-or-nothing auto-renewal policy that prevents you from turning it off ahead of time or else you lose the full year that you paid for. Accessing... Read More

  • Rafel Febrer
  • Intro to Python for Data Science
  • Graduated: 2020



Job Support

"Best way to learn Data Science basics"

It has been almost a year of work, but finally, here I got the diploma. It has been a pleasure to learn in this platform the art of Data Science. The subjects are interactive and really hands on. It practice the learning by doing. You never get bored... Read More

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