Best Coding Bootcamps 2021-2022 Rankings Methodology

SwitchUp's best coding bootcamps were ranked based on how many alumni worked in their field of study within a year of graduating. This metric indicates how a bootcamp prepares students for relevant employment.

Rather than relying on alumni reviews, SwitchUp provides rankings centered around career outcomes to gauge a bootcamp's quality. Below, we explain our eligibility criteria for the bootcamps we included as well as the data and sources we utilized.

Since most prospective bootcamp students seek a career boost, our rankings compare the real-world employment outcomes of students who attended eligible bootcamps.

Rankings Eligibility Criteria

Coding bootcamps had to meet specified criteria for inclusion on our list. A bootcamp was required to have the following:

  • Offer at least one coding program
  • Be based in the U.S.
  • 10 or more recent reviews (from 2018 or sooner) on our site by verified students/alumni
  • 100 total reviews
  • A minimum 4-star average review rating
  • At least 25 alumni represented in employment outcomes data

To focus on high-performing bootcamps, we excluded those with fewer than 50% of alumni working in their field of study within a year of graduating.

About the Data

We collected data from several sources to determine eligible bootcamps and compile our list of the best coding bootcamps.

Employment Outcomes

The sole ranking factor for our 2021-2022 list of best coding bootcamps is the percentage of alumni employed in their field of study within a year of graduating. To determine this, SwitchUp analyzed employment statistics from Burning Glass Technologies, a software analytics company. Burning Glass has scoured over 200,000 current resumes and social media profiles of bootcamp alumni — mainly on LinkedIn — to obtain individuals' occupations, alma maters, and fields of study. Our team limited the data to professionals who graduated from eligible coding bootcamps between 2018 and 2020.

Bootcamp Reviews

We collated student/alumni reviews and ratings on SwitchUp to determine the scope of eligible bootcamps. Bootcamps needed to be based in the U.S. or have at least one coding program offered in the U.S. To make the final cut, a bootcamp required at least 100 total reviews, 10 reviews posted since 2018, and a four-star average rating. SwitchUp has dedicated a separate page to cover our ethics and policies for reviewers.

Bootcamp Metrics

All the locations, cost information, and sample course offerings are self-reported by the bootcamps. These metrics did not influence the rankings, but they are displayed to provide additional information to students.

Displayed Merits

SwitchUp manually researched each bootcamp's offerings to find out whether the following merits were warranted:

Approved for GI Bill

Accepts GI Bill funds according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Available Online

Provides part-time or immersive programs that are consistently available online rather than being temporarily virtual due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Flexible Classes

Offers self-paced, part-time, or evening classes.

Job Guarantee

Guarantees job placement after graduation or a tuition refund.

While our ranking lists may include some of our advertising partners, we strictly use the same eligibility criteria and methodology for all bootcamps — whether they are partners or not. In other words, we do not give preferential treatment to partner bootcamps. We mark all advertising partners with an icon for full transparency.

Data Limitations

The data behind SwitchUp's rankings was collected in August 2021. We make every effort to provide the latest, most accurate information, but no data set is perfect. The information regarding course offerings, locations, and cost is obtained from the bootcamps. SwitchUp does not verify the accuracy of bootcamps' statements about their programs.

Additionally, not all bootcamps are represented in the Burning Glass data set. Burning Glass' analytics technology relies on there being sufficient social media profiles from the alumni of a given bootcamp. Those profiles must also list educational details in a way that can be easily parsed and mapped. This means that bootcamps with fewer alumni may be excluded, while a bootcamp with significant data could also be excluded due to mapping difficulties.

Burning Glass is continually working to improve its technology, and their team updates all the alumni data monthly. Meanwhile, SwitchUp has been working directly with Burning Glass to expand its coverage of bootcamps. SwitchUp is committed to annually updating the content on our best coding bootcamps ranking list to be as comprehensive as possible.

Why Did We Change Our Rankings?

In previous years, SwitchUp ranked coding bootcamps based on the star ratings by verified students and alumni. This year, SwitchUp changed its rankings for two reasons:

Employment outcomes are an important indicator of a coding bootcamp's quality and effectiveness. Students are more likely to think that their time and money were invested well if they land a job in their preferred field.
By parsing employment data, SwitchUp provides information about bootcamps that isn't available elsewhere.

We believe that the bootcamps in SwitchUp's rankings offer prospective students the best chance to benefit from favorable, real-world outcomes.

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