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Adam Schuster

I just finished the Code Fellows iOS bootcamp in November 2013.  The program was really interesting.  First of all, it's INTENSE.  It really pushes you.  At a fast pace.  But that's what the real world is like for many of these jobs.  They picked fantastic teachers to lead the class, though, both who come from outside companies and are very successful on their own.  You will build a new app almost every day based on that day's lecture material.  The instructors make themselves available in the afternoon for assistance if you get stuck or need help understanding a topic.  The first half of the bootcamp ends with each student creating their own unique app (thought of themselves), and many of ours were pretty advanced!  The second half of the bootcamp breaks everyone up into teams to produce more complex group projects.  My group project even got a few of the students from the Ruby on Rails bootcamp involved, too, which was going on concurrently, so our app had a back-end that was easy to communicate with.

We had guest speakers each week, the teachers are there for 1-on-1 assistance, and the building itself is made available to you 24/7 and is really conducive to getting things done - kitchen, bathrooms, lounge area and it's really close to stores and restaurants... very easy to spend long stretches of time in that area, and really focus on your tasks at hand.  They provide free breakfasts once a week and free collective lunches once a week, too, where everyone in the building co-mingles.  The startup accelerator Tech Stars is in the same building and the people who work at those startups and other companies in the building are really accessible (e.g. Apptentive, MobileDevHQ, BigDoor).

During the "Gold" half of the course, a lot of time is spent on job preparedness, specifically: we're linked up with personal mentors, a VC firm came in to do mock interviews and provide feedback, and several guest speakers talked about subjects ranging from resume construction to the interview process.  Having graduated, Code Fellows sent my resume to their hiring network and I have already gotten many requests for interviews from top-level, internationally-recognized companies.  I'm not in Seattle at the moment so I haven't been able to solidify anything yet, but from my experience so far I do think the program is very good at preparing you for and helping you obtain a programming job.