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Christian Hansen The tagline on the Code Fellows website reads "Learn to code. Get a job. Guaranteed." and that's exactly what happened for me. I attended the first iOS Development Accelerator that Code Fellows offered in September/October of 2013 and it was definitely one of the best career decisions I've made. The curriculum is challenging but the team was always there to help and was dedicated to helping all along the way. I say "team" rather than just "instructors" because I actually consider the classmates I attended with to be apart of that team as well. Everyone was helpful and encouraged everyone else and even though the course is only a couple of months we all seemed to become fast friends. From day one you will dive right into the code with excellent instruction and learn by doing. Within the first four weeks I had submitted my first app to the App Store, all the while doing daily homework projects to further grasp Objective-C, Xcode and Cocoa Touch. It's incredible how much happened and how much I learned in such a short amount of time while attending Code Fellows. After completing the eight-week course I ended up landing my first job in just three weeks. Code Fellows had set me up with a mentor who I met and corresponded with on several occasions. My mentor gave me a ton of insight and tips to succeed and was an extremely valuable resource to have as I went out in search of job. That first job was a short contract assignment but it was a great way to take what I had learned and quickly start applying it in the job world and to help build my resume. After that contract ended I immediately began working as a full time developer for another company and I have been enjoying creating meaningful apps ever since. I highly recommend Code Fellows to anyone looking to jump into development! It is extremely challenging, exhausting and sometimes overwhelming but the reward is well worth the effort.
Code Fellows was a great fit for me and prepared me really well to enter the web development world, but I would definitely caution that it wouldn't be a fit for everyone. I don't mean to indicate that I am exceptional (because I'm not), but rather to show that it would be a good idea to visit and see the scene before dropping the large amount of money on tuition. Obviously it takes a lot of hard work to get through a development accelerator and if you're not able to process all the information quick enough you won't get as much out of the experience as you'd like. Secondly, Code Fellows itself is very much a start up and the atmosphere and operations work in that way. There is often not a lot of structure and many things are being figured out as they go along, so if you like a quiet ordered work environment, spending two months and a breakneck pace there is not going to appeal to you. They also put a lot of effort into their career support but I would still categorize that as a work in progress (they may be a little under staffed in this area so if you want their help you'll have to nag them about it a few times). The last thing I would bring up is that two months is not a ton of time, especially since you're in class for only six weeks. You simply won't be able to touch on everything and invariably you'll find that you missed out on something potentially useful and will have to figure it out yourself later on the job. If you are able to be flexible and tune out the distractions, however, the instructors I interacted with were great and definitely put in the time to be available to you for feedback and guidance. Overall I would recommend Code Fellows, but caveat emptor if you're expecting a certain style of education.