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If your idea of learning to code or improving your coding is to continue your liberal arts studies, during which your focus was your involvement with the Campus Progressives and Feminist Studies majors; and if you agree that anything but front-end and Functional Programming is lame, old-fashioned, and uninteresting, HS is for you! It also helps if you mainly join to network, talk at the top of your lungs (during presentations and just anytime), and agree that saying "I love programming!" is reactionary and "gendered." You will be exposed to some alpha-geek cool stuff, and meet the occasional interesting co-student and invited resident, but the program is a one-trick pony for the above which will keep talking about "inclusiveness" while firmly ensuring an exemplary TheyScout party line you better don't deviate from or disagree with. It had me more depressed than enlightened, and asking around if being a software engineer typically meant an environment such as this, in which case I'd have given up that goal before even getting started. Fortunately, I heard that this is not the case, for the most part.