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Nick Hackerschool is truly incredible. They've managed to cultivate an environment where a beginner coder who's just delving into web design can be a peer, a mentor, and a friend to a data scientist with multiple PHDs and published software. The beauty of it is that it's all community driven. There is no curriculum, there are no tests, you just show up everyday and talk to people. The result is that you cant go a single day in the batch without having fascinating conversations and learning new things from the people around you. Since everyone is in it together, there's just enough social pressure to keep people productive. You check-in every morning at 10:30am, give your group a rundown on what you accomplished the day before and your plans for the day ahead, then you team up with people who have common interests and code away on whatever you want. Thursday presentations allow for an opportunity to see the amazing projects people are doing, and frequent talks given by guest speakers and residents provide a source of cutting-edge computer science to study. If you have any doubts about applying, just do it, you won't regret it. (and it's free!!)