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I have now quit my job to focus on code which I’m learning from Treehouse and Code School, you can find out why on the Treehouse forum. There’s a boom at the moment and it’s focused on self online learning. There are numerous websites popping up all over the interest designed to help people learn a new skill. This post is focused on one of the most promising websites involved with this – Team Treehouse. I have been a member for a few months and decided to add a Team Treehouse review so you can see how awesome it really is. What is Treehouse? Treehouse is an online education platform designed to teach students to Learn to build websites, create iPhone and Android apps, code with Ruby on Rails and PHP, or start a business. Treehouse has over 1000 videos for these courses and they are increasing fast. The Treehouse courses The Treehouse course is divided up into 5 different categories. Websites, programming, business, iOS development, Android development and of course some bonus content. Each course starts you off at the beginner level helping you get accustomed to the new skill you are about to learn and progresses towards the more difficult. You will also go through a series of quizzes and reward videos for completing the courses. Typical course layout TeamTree House If you finish a course pretty fast you are always up to date with the new features with a timeline of when the new projects are being released. Team-Treehouse Latest Team Treehouse discount Get 4 Months Off Our Basic Annual Plan (Save $100 – 33% off) Get 4 Months Off Our Pro Annual Plan (Save $196 – 33% off) Being a Treehouse student gives you access to plenty of perks, saving you thousands. Awesome personality Treehouse goes the extra mile for creating an awesome atmosphere for users of their course as the video below shows. Got to love Mike the frog and the staff at Treehouse. Treehouse Tracks If you’re new to learning code then it can be pretty daunting knowing where to start. This is where Treehouse’s amazing new tracks feature comes in handy. Treehouse-tracks Here you can select which path you want to do. As you can see from the above there’s a decent number of popular tracks. You pick which one you want and then you’ll get this: Treehouse-Ruby-Track Treehouse-ruby-tracks Treehouse-ruby You’ll get something like this for very track, it’s a roadmap of courses you’ll need to complete to complete the track. To complete a track means you’ll need to put in a lot of hours. Each course within the tracks has multiple videos and quizzes which you’ll need to complete in order to progress onto the next course on the track. One nice feature to keep you focused and motivated in the schedule feature. Here you can give yourself a timeframe to complete the tracks. This one shows how much I have of the Ruby track left.