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jake rosenblum I found the Code stream labs program great for newbies with no hands on training. The thing i liked most was the 0 geek ego bs 1 on 1 mentor online offline option they had 3 coders helping me ruby angular js python linux dude it is a steal at home i can log on to a code mentor . The price and the fact that for 9 k I h1 visa support after the program and a certification and tons more. They gave me so much i don,t know how they make money. plus they give you a new pc for admin training ! They hired me into the start up network they have I made my money back on projects I worked on they put me right to work so job support was tops but i did not get to use it as i went to work for them after 2 months in on a start up project . The last thing i liked is all the hand holding tons of l reality hacking . I cannot tell you about the secret sauce lol . I will have my cousin do the program he is a also tech dummy. The best thing about this program is it is for folks who want to learn without a crowd 1 on 1.