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Greg It was a great investment bottom line. I payed 9k for this program 16 weeks hands on ! in office(or some or all online up to me fit my time) but got much more than my money worth seems 20K of training) ! Tons of personalized code coaching(i was the focus). What I loved most about this system is, the teacher was burning to get all the coding hacking skills out of his brain and into me and and my learning was his focus . I just wanted to learn essential start up skills + core admin Linux/security in detail ( I GOT IT) !and full stack programming but i am//was really burned out by the hype money machines intimidated by crowds of wanna be coders + nerds with big coder egos. a steal at 9 k the others wanted 14 to 20 k . This program is a breath of fresh air! laid back/but intense at your own pace but big on content and core programing and system admin training ,and hands on core full stack training . I am someone who was new to programing, new tech I work in the marketing field I needed to make the 9 k to count they got me a new training computer after payment , they said it is part of the deal! The cto took me and trained me 1 on 1 from day 1! I got to call him anytime we were hacking like 1:00 in the morning! they have multi locations in San Francisco . The main thing I liked about this program is the focus is on learning from hard core hackers ! 1on 1 mentors and not herds, hype trains, or flash. My gut feeling is It just felt like the true hacker spirit! also i did not get fake promises great if you want to learn to code python java script and become a dev ops Linux hacker!