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Kc Hey my name is kc yes I am a nerd from woodside near stanford university I don,t like big crowd,s. I was looking online and found this really cool software company that will teach you how to code they really take time to teach you python for wed development(by real world project,s) it was 9 k for 12 weeks + it was really extra weeks because after the program was over they gave me more skills 1 on 1. Job support was great because it just worked about 2 month after, they got me a job offer, at yammer 90 k per year ?(not real to me) They don,t fit the mold of most boot camps they have brain mind reprograming acupuncture Taichi for stress, the Cto was a smart country boy Dev ops hacker Egon! he really know his shit! . I am most very happy because i found a job Jr dev ops developer ! but the best part was i got solid linux admin skills to go with the java script python. They have a special way of teaching small groups mostly one on 1 but you learn really fast this way with a full stack master. It was a steal for me because 9k for 1 on 1 teaching 12 week,s is nothing! They put a lot of time into me I went to a big name academy but left because i need personal care and I got to pay in 3 payments(i just gave them the nine k at once, because i saw the skills i was getting) 3 k in advance 3 k at the start and 3 k before the last month .it payed off because now. I am hired !