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James Lue In a world of free resources, codeacademy, khan academy, coursera, and many others - do you really need to pay for an online course? Hopefully this treehouse review helps you along the way with your decision: 1) Free trial - do it. Try it out before committing. Overall, I think Treehouse is worth it for those who want a detailed, guided experience, and to work through a very systematic approach to basic coding skills and web dev skills - but definitely not enough to take you to a full time job. I think that an in-person coding school might be better if you want a job and they provide pre-work that is very similar to what you'd do at Treehouse. 2) Not all courses are as good. I've tried out a lot of different tracks, and found that some courses are much better than others - make sure that you 3) Compare with other online courses. Try also codeacademy, khan academy, and coursera - different people learn differently and you may find treehouse works well for you, you may not. 4) Don't get trapped into monthly subscriptions and not use it - pause your account if you need. Make sure you are getting your money's worth. If you are not committed to learning and are just trying out. Treehouse is not the place - you should try out cheaper free courses first. Conclusion: treehouse is great and very well designed, but I personally prefer to find free things to supplement my learning. I would do it again and would recommend to those who are seriously committed to learning (not experimentation stage). Tip: Supplement treehouse with a coding bootcamp before applying for jobs - that is if you can afford to!