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I attended the 15 week intensive full time software engineering bootcamp at Flatiron. I was part of the Seattle cohort, but because of Covid-19 the program was conducted entirely online. I thought that would be a drawback but it ended up being great. With no commuting I had more time to dedicate to coding and I was able to fit in a few more to-do's each day, like going for a run or getting an errand done. This program is an amazing way to learn a new skill very quickly. The structure of the program is excellent, and allows for self motivated learning but also provides a lot of much needed direction. I came from the performing arts so I was afraid I would be a fish out of water, but I had no trouble jumping right into the new material. My instructors were truly top tier educators, and really cared about my success. I cant say enough positive things about my experience at Flatiron. I feel it gave me the boost I needed to change my life and launch into a new career with confidence and momentum.