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Pascal Bugnion I took part in the first fellowship run by ASI Data Science. It was really worthwhile. Each batch is only 15-20 fellows, which makes the program very selective. The fellows are encouraged to learn together and share skill, which makes for a really cooperative atmosphere. There is a bit of teaching, but the main part of the program is a six week project. The project involves solving a real data science or data engineering problem for one of the program's partner companies. I spent three days a week working at the partner company's office during the project. This gave me an idea of how a workplace functions, as well as the chance to really integrate into the company's data science team. Ultimately, it lead to the company offering me a job at the end of the project. If you are currently finishing a quantitative PhD and want to transition into data science, I can't recommend this program enough. It is the only free data science program in the London area (ASI Data Science funds the program by charging recruitment fees when fellows are hired). Judging from conversations that I have had with alumni of other data science bootcamps in London, this program also provides a much better educational experience than competitors.