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The coded bootcamp was is a very effective way to refine your coding skills or help you become skillful in the trade. I truly enjoyed the overall experience and i think i have become not only a better coder, but a better problem solver. The course covers the basics of various languages like HTMl, Python etc. and i highly recommend anyone interested in coding to sign up for the coded bootcamp.
Yousef JoinCoded is the first bootcamp in the middle-east. But when you see the good arrangement and planning and how rich is the content of the course, you will be definitely amazed . You will be more than satisfied of what you learned at the end of the course. With your studying and following all what you are taking from the class, you will be almost an professional coder. But that doesn't mean it's easy. You have to be 100% prepared and focus in everyday lesson you take. and anything you don't understand you have to study it and seek for help from the TA's or the instructor himself. Coded staff was really nice people you will alot from them.