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Anwar Al-Awadhi Listen carefully! The purpose of Coded in a nutshell: 1) To give you the BASICS of coding 2) To create an environment that fosters your growth as a coder (peers, instructors, space) 3) To provide an initial challenge and to show you your true limitations. Who is Coded for? ITS NOT FOR EVERYONE. In my humble opinion, only those who have a BURNING passion to learn programming in order to bring change to their lives and the lives of others should approach this course. Make no mistake coding is the future and those (people/countries) who do not possess access to good coders are at a lose. Will I be able to achieve my goals after attending this program? Simply no. You're taking a 'giant leap' not rolling a 'Yahtzee'. This is the real world and if you want to see real results your going to have to put forth real effort, otherwise don't waste your time. However, if you're thinking of not going through the program you will SEVERELY DELAY your progress towards achieving that goal you've setup for yourself. After Coded, your view on coding in general can be divided into two periods (the days prior to Coded when you didn't have a clue what the hell you were doing / and the days after Coded where you have a solid foundation on how the coding game is played). Great experience, great people, and a bright future for Coded.