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Fadi Adel El-Rayes Don’t Quit…Be A Champion! A man, once said, “I hated every minute of training, but I said, 'Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.’” Stay Determined and Be Patient… For 14 weeks… it was grueling. The course was extremely demanding, challenging and at the same time exciting where I learned two things: coding language and the jargon of HTML and CSS. I made it… well almost! Had it not been for the supportive and passionate founders, resourceful and experienced instructor, likable and proficient teaching assistants and multi-talented students from various backgrounds, coupled with the superb state-of-the-art facility that provides a distinct ambience, offers a nice panoramic view of Kuwait City’s skyline and provides an ease of access to a flourishing start-up business community, I would have gone crazy! Yes, I would have because I worked daily from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM and attended class after work that started at 5:00 PM for four hours. I was very overwhelmed by the commitment and it was easy to give up when the class was getting tougher. But, hey, I knew what I signed up for and I knew what I wanted to do. Stay determined and be patient! Coding Experience… If you are looking to learn and how to take your work online or want to start an online or app business, then this is the right place to sign up. In the Coded Bootcamp, you will learn the right tools that need to be used and the steps that need to be taken and acquire the basic knowledge of coding - guaranteed only if you keep trying and remain persistent! In the first eight to nine weeks – you will be absorbing a lot of new information – particularly with limited coding experience like I had. You will be learning, reading, studying and practicing materials related to Python, Django, Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS, jQuery, GitHub and Angular. This can sometimes feel overwhelming. You will then be encouraged to undertake an individual project on your own for a week or two, to be followed by a group project with a couple of your classmates for two weeks. Afterwards, there will be an interim class on a couple of more subjects to be followed by final individual project - which could be a launching pad of starting your own online business. Coding Is For Everyone… Stay Dedicated… I recommend this program to everyone who wants to learn coding… however for this Coded Bootcamp, I only encourage you to apply if you are READY to learn coding and try something new. If you decide to go for it then it means that you have the patience to learn new things and the desire to try out something new because you will be investing your time, energy and your money in making the best out of it. Coded Founders and Overall Coded Experience… What attracted me the most in this course are the founders’ deep involvement and dedication in making the coding experience worth the buck and the time! First, their vision and down-to-earth approach coupled with their strong networking capabilities have helped Coded to be one of the recognized and respectable coding centers in the Middle East in churning out Coders (or full stack developers). Second, I have never seen someone like the organizers who are always actively engaging with the prospects, the students, and the alumni. From the way the website involves you to the very first welcoming SMS message to the first fun interview and to the very last day of class with countless support, you would feel that they would give you the best experience that one can expect – unmatched anywhere. Last but not least, the founders’ deep commitment and participation in making this course engaging and relevant to today’s business. They organize a business seminar almost every week, where a special guest speaker - be it a start-up online business or a successful app founder – come to talk about something relevant to coding and technology. They also sometimes organized a panel conference by inviting guests from abroad to share with us their advice. Conclusion… Coding Tomorrow… At the end of the Coded Bootcamp, I had mixed feelings… but was relieved that I was going to have a break after acquiring so much information. In retrospect, I know I did my best in making the best out of it as it was a great learning and social experience. Just fourteen weeks ago, I was a non -technical person and today I am a coder. This is a step I am glad that I have taken and I consider it to be a stepping stone into a new world of growing opportunities. As I am now in holiday mode, I cannot wait to return back to Kuwait to start coding again. That what the Coded Bootcamp trained me to do - keep practicing and keep coding!