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I so completely disagree with this other reviewer that I thought I should share my own views. That kind of reads like an ad for the other bootcamp. I’ll speak about three things Their instructors are great. Of the different things you need to consider when looking at a bootcamp, instructors should be first in your list. Talk to turn to tech’s instructors and discover for yourself. I found them extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. The curriculum is really well designed and in-depth. I can say that with confidence because their projects are quite closely related to things I do at my job. (I find it laughable that the guy in the review thinks the curriculum was put together quickly. My guess is that he never actually saw it) Their curriculum is super fine-tuned and in depth. The way it works is that you start with C coding (some of their problems are really tough, they don’t want you using libraries at all) and smaller projects, learn xcode, debugging etc. And then it gets in depth and projects get more difficult. There’s also a ton of reading which goes with the curriculum. What I really liked is the sequence of the assignments and the various things they want you to do in each. They make you do and undo things (intentionally) which teaches you why design patterns like MVC or DAO exist. Another thing I really loved is that they teach manual memory management and the instruments tool. Their style of working gave me as much personal attention as I wanted and I never had this fear that if I was left behind that it was the end of the course. Sometimes I moved faster than others and sometimes slower. There was one week when I was having a tough time on the Core Data project so the instructors said we should spend another week on it. I was always explained everything and never felt like I was being rushed. Before internship started I thought I had it all figured out but internship was the real stuff where everything came together. Code was waay more complex. And the real use of github became clearer. In some areas we went way in depth like battery consumption when gps is on. By the way I also got plenty of support for my own app, they specially helped me with backend and the appstore submission process. And I must say that their job support was great and they were super helpful and they are very well connected. Twice I used their assistance to get a job. They also helped me with mock interviews and they have great interview resources. As an example, I was very interested in working for a specific company and to their credit they got me an online coding challenge with that company. Overall my experience at turn to tech was really great and I highly recommend Turn to tech.