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I looked up Elium by chance on Facebook and it came to my attention that Professor Hugues Bersini is one of the advisors for Elium Academy and works very closely with them. Not only did I take one of his classes at ULB but he is also a mastermind for artificial intelligence and machine learning. Knowing that kind of background of scientific support for Elium encouraged me to apply.
Ghada Jerfel SwitchUp disclosure: this review was left by an employee of Elium. Have you been through the course? Leave your review! As a person who has been working at Elium Academy for a while, I can assure that our work space as well as its atmosphere are the most diverse and productive ones I have been at. Elium gives me a strong sense of community through its support and collaboration system. Elium is more than just an academy whose project is not only promising for the Belgian community but it is also the perfect learning journey for those who join it whether it be for learning or working reasons. If you are looking for coding skills along with mentoring, Elium is the right place for you.