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This course is way over priced for what is offered and be wary of their advertising. They count graduates employed by Dev Academy (on a casual basis as tutors) and grads employed in jobs unrelated to ICT as 'employed'. Unless you have previous coding experience or have another skill that a dev company will want then you're unlikely to come out of this with the technical skills and theoretical knowledge required to secure an entry level dev role. Hopefully things have changed since I went through the programme but during my time there it was poorly organised. I did the C# stream and the majority of our course content had not been converted from Ruby. As a result the C# tutor spent a lot of his time converting the Ruby exercises to C#. Totally agree with the comment from another reviewer about "many recruiting 'partners' had no knowledge they were being labelled as such". Overall I'd say you'd be better off investing your time and money else where.