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Brian W. Before I attended OCCS I was working as a manager at a retail store. I was not making very much money and the work was not very satisfying. I heard about OCCS from a friend of a friend who works in the software industry and he assured me that the best way to start a career as a Software Developer is to attend a bootcamp-style school and he told me about OCCS. I went to a meetup they were having the following weekend to get a feel for it, and see how it is. I was a little nervous, but decided to attend. OCCS has a rigorous three months of coursework. They teach all of the latest technologies and skills required to be successful as a Web Developer. The instructors are there to teach and challenge you to be the best you can. They teach you everything you need to know, and also give you the freedom to learn and grow your knowledge yourself. During my time there, I learned multiple programming languages, many new technologies and over a dozen frameworks. You don't graduate from OCCS when they are done teaching you, you graduate once you get a Job. OCCS provides leads to you after you finish the course to help you get a job. While I ended up finding my job myself, OCCS gave me three leads with companies to help me find a job. They help you prepare your resume and LinkedIn, and prepare you for your interviews. They will give you strategies on best ways to find a job. Two weeks ago I started my job as a Front-End Web Developer. There is still alot to learn, but I feel prepared thanks to my experience at OCCS, and I am making twice as much money (not an exaggeration) as I was before attending. More Importantly, I enjoy what I am doing. Orange County Code School was the best decision I have ever made, and I recommend it highly to anybody looking to become a Web Developer.