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Mike I took the Node JS coding course to become more familiar with Node JS, as well as programming and applications in general. The course was highly technical yet relaxing and light at the same time. Coming from someone who has tried to learn coding on my own, their team's knowledge and over the shoulder help maximized the session for everyone in the room. If we were on our own, the majority of our time would be spent debugging and making tiny steps forwards. In the course, we were not debugging, we were creating real world projects. Stop debugging, join the Velocity 360 team!
JD Richards If you had told me that I would be able to build a ReactJS/Redux front end, a complete NodeJS back end all deployed on Heroku, create my own REST API and create a mobile app with Swift 2.0 that consumed either a 3rd party api or my own personal api, I would have laughed in your face. Furthermore, if you had said I would touch over sixteen different technologies and frameworks in a few months I wouldn't have believed it. But I was persuaded to try Velocity 360's method of learning and it was the best decision I could have made. Being tri-lingual and having learned to speak foreign languages the hard way (vocabulary, grammar, gender, verb tenses, noun-verb agreement, subjunctives etc.), I believed that learning to code required literally going through step by step learning data types, loops, promises, data structures, syntax, algorithms, functional vs. procedural, inheritance, polymorphism etc. and don’t get me wrong, these are all very important things to learn. When I began classes, I already had a limited amount of learning to code on my own and in college. I had also attended another boot camp which was more of a focus on fireside chats and networking within the NY startup ecosystem. While it had its own good points it did not teach me to code. So nothing lead me to be able to create real world applications outside of my learning to create static web pages. Day one, minute one of Velocity 360 you start to build and code. No hour-long lectures followed by the old, “Ok go off and try it on your own,” which leaves many stuck in a rabbit hole and left behind. Instead, with instructor guidance, you immediately begin exhaustively building and building and building and one is not left behind. It is super intense learning and coding eight hours plus a day while trying to grasp new concepts, but it gives one the opportunity to repeat and drill into the mind a different way of thinking and solving problems. Within that process you suddenly understand what loops are, what a callback function is, the basic ideas around pointers, inheritance, polymorphism, casting, data structures, data types, lexical scope, functional vs. procedural, modular, promises. And when you go back and lookup these items, you recognize that you’ve already been using the tools about which you are now reading and you assimilate the theory behind these concepts much faster. Furthermore, you have now built complete realistic projects. I don’t know of any other boot camp where you learn to be an entry-level full stack web and mobile developer in such a short period of time. I also don’t know of any other boot camp where you don’t waste hours listening to lectures when you could be coding. At Velocity 360 you literally code with the instructor, code with your peers, and code on your own from start to finish. Takeaway: you are left with several projects for your github, not just one final project. It’s intense, it’s exhausting, it’s awesome! I couldn’t have asked for more.