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I'm a current student in both the iOS and Node/React weekend courses. I started off just doing the iOS course after hearing about it from a friend. I went to a demo and was sold. Dan knows exactly what the industry is looking for and thoroughly knows his content. Once I started the iOS course, I signed up for the Node/React course two weeks later. This is the best learning I've experienced in my journey to become a developer. I've used all of the learn-to-code websites and tutorials you've probably already done yourself. I also attended a 12-week full stack-lite course to build up my skills, which got me a part-time job in the industry. But I'm looking to get that full time job. In fact, I've already registered for the part time bootcamp for iOS + Node and I'm confident I'll get a job by the end of this program. You are coding on day one. As another student pointed out, there are no long lectures about theory. You code along and things are explained as you go. And then you build the project again. And then again. And then another time. Instead of having CS-type lectures on what a loop is and then doing some obscure exercise which doesn't really help you understand a real-world application, you write a loop in your program that does something you'd really want to do for a real app. It certainly doesn't hurt to have some prior experience, but it's not that difficult to understand what's going on if you're a beginner. We're accessing third-party APIs and even writing our own. We're creating real apps based on examples of what you would want to actually make. We're learning UI principles too so we can make apps that don't look like garbage. And most importantly, we're focusing on technologies that are the future. Do you really want to graduate with 25 other Rails devs who are competing with you for entry-level jobs? If you go through these courses, namely the boot camps, you're going to separate yourself from the rest of the pack.