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I came to Velocity 360 after I had tried to teach myself iOS for 2 months and was beginning to lose my way. I had flip-flopped a couple of times on what I should learn and had truly wasted a lot of time because of the indecision. I was taking a "learn-by-doing" approach, but found myself doing very little of both. After two months and one half-done project to show for it, I decided to attend a Velocity 360 info session and was sold on their industry insight and course offerings for someone like me who was looking to make a change. I ultimately enrolled in the fulltime iOS course where we covered in the two days what I had tried to teach myself in 6 weeks. The instructor, Dan, encouraged us to learn from each other and work together to succeed (and fail) as a class - it genuinely gave me the sense of network and community I lacked when I worked from home and coffee shops. Having graduated two weeks ago, I've already drawn interest from several early-stage startups in NYC and look forward to securing a fulltime role in the near term. The team at Velocity 360, especially Dan, have been instrumental in guiding me through the application process, particulalry in preparing me for technical evaluations and resume screens. For the price-poiint and value of what I learned at Velocity 360, I'm confident I made the right choice over Fullstack Academy and Flatiron School. Truly appreciate all their hard work and dedication in helping me jumpstart my transition into tech.