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Kiran I can’t believe how far I have come thanks to DevelopMe_. I had no prior experience whatsoever but now I am coding every day! The course provides you with a solid base of full-stack knowledge, giving you the confidence to build on new skills and concepts in your own time. It also opens your eyes to what can be achieved. At times you will feel overwhelmed, frustrated and disheartened but keep the faith, you will not regret it. Weekly quizzes, meet-ups, one-to-ones, paired coding & self-learning are all valuable parts of the course. I also really enjoyed working on real-world projects and picking up those golden nuggets of information that you may not get elsewhere. Oli, Pete and the instructors were there for me when I needed their help and advice. It is also comforting to know that they will be there for me as I progress in my placement/career. All the instructors were enthusiastic and very keen to share their knowledge. They all knew when to push us but also when we needed a break. The lessons were well structured and the curriculum provides you with enough variety to help you decide which languages/technologies you would like to pursue further. The placement offering is fantastic and if you make the most of it you will see the benefits. I also had a mentor which is a great addition to this course. My mentor gave up their free time to support me and provide me with valuable insight to life working as a developer. Overall, I am extremely proud to be associated with Develop Me and I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to start a career as a developer. The founders know what they are doing and are professional and insightful. If you commit to this course 100% you will get a lot out of it. Al also deserves a mention. He’s a lovely guy!